ARI's eight-video series explores ways to improve management of a vehicle's lifecycle by viewing...

ARI's eight-video series explores ways to improve management of a vehicle's lifecycle by viewing a fleet as an investment rather than a cost center.

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ARI has launched a new website and interactive video series designed to help fleet managers better navigate a vehicle's lifecycle, the Mount Laurel, N.J.-based fleet management company announced.

The eight videos are grouped into three categories, including Buy, Drive, and Sell to cover a vehicle's lifecycle in a corporation. The videos emphasize ways for an organization to manage the complex business challenges of fleet management.

An introduction shows an ARI spokeswoman telling the audience that fleet management should be viewed as an investment to help an organization accomplish its mission rather than a set of cost-containment transaction.

"For most organizations, fleet represents a significant investment but all too often, fleet is viewed as a cost center with a myopic focus on simply containing costs," said Rick Tousaw, ARI's executive vice president and chief commercial officer. "One of the goals of this video series is to change the lens through which fleet is viewed and help stakeholders solve their real-world business challenges that transcend fleet."

The interactive videos cover financial decisions, supply chain, connected vehicles, driver safety, cost containment, vehicle downtime, capital forecasting, and vehicle remarketing.

Viewers also have access to resources such as whitepapers and cost calculators, which allow them to delve deeper into specific topics that resonate with their business challenges, according to the company.

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