Every once in a while a keynote speech makes a big impact, and yesterday, attending the first day of the Telogis Latitudes conference in Dana Point, Calif., I had one of those moments. 

The conference kicked off with a keynote presentation by Mike Rayburn. Known as the "the funniest guitar virtuoso," I must say I definitely agree. However, as with any keynote, his speech had to have an air of motivation to it, not simply wake-us-up humor. 

Rayburn continually asked one question throughout his time on stage: "What if?" In his true-to-comedy style, he demonstrated "what if" possibilities through music. "What if Jimmy Hendrix sang 'Green Acres'?" 

He urged all of us to consider the "what if" possibilities in our own industry. What if we decided to do something different, think out of the box? That's what he called becoming a "possibility thinker."

In the world of fleet, we all need to be "possibility thinkers" and imagine the "what if" scenarios. From the good, to the ugly, it can only help to prepare us for anything. 

"What if gasoline prices reached $8 per gallon?" What would you do?

"What if you could use a more layered approach to using data?" How would you use it?

What are your "what if" questions? How are you striving to become a "possibility thinker?"


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