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Chatty Chassis

Executive Editor Lauren Fletcher shares her thoughts on modern and vocational truck fleets and keys to fleet management success and growth. Covering the fleet industry since 2006, she shares insights and advice to increase success.

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Combating COVID-19 Fatigue in Fleet

How do you help your staff focus on the job at hand while being understanding and compassionate...

This pandemic has thrown the world for a loop, and the ride is not over. And throughout it all, the vocational truck fleet industry has worked tirelessly, keeping deliveries on schedule and ensuring that necessary services were still being done to help people stay safely home.

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Accident Management Trends During COVID

No one could have predicted what 2020 has brought so far. Looking back at our “future...

Work Truck’s annual accident trends report will likely be an anomaly for years to come. It’s clear that the first few months of the year have been incredibly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. But, it’s not all COVID-related impacts.

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Staying Productive in Fleet Today

Many of us are currently just trying to stay on top of our day-to-day responsibilities. The...

To say operating a fleet in 2020 is “challenging” would likely be the biggest understatement of the year. Nothing is the same as it was in 2019. Even if your operations never stopped, there are likely big changes you have had to deal with.

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5 Current Trends in Upfitting

Fleet managers can benefit from paying attention to current trends related to truck and van...

Varying lead times, a continued focus on safety and green transportation, and concern over aesthetics are just a few trends occurring with vocational truck and van upfits right now.

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How to Return to a 'New' Fleet Normal

The new "normal" is going to look different for everyone.

Right now, as the coronavirus has become a part of everyday life, everyone is thinking and talking about a return to “normal.” How do we return to our new fleet normal, and what is that going to look like possibly? Here are a few factors to consider and suggestions to navigate the current fleet waters:

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5 Tips to Minimize Downtime for Truck Graphics Installation

3M is one of the top providers of vinyl for vehicle wraps.

Fleet trucks and vans are moving billboards and can be one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. But installing graphics takes a vehicle out of service, and we all know that time is money. And, one of the top fleet management goals is the reduction of vehicle downtime.

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Keep Truck Replacement Schedules Flexible

Truck fleets often see the need to add or remove vehicles due to seasonal operating parameters,...

A flexible truck replacement schedule will allow a fleet to keep its trucks in top operating condition, take advantage of incentives or concessions, and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and downtime.

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Work Truck Tries Out Driveri with Stanley Steemer

The Driveri in-vehicle device fits right below a vehicle’s rear-view mirror and packs a lot of...

Work Truck magazine visited a Stanley Steemer franchise office in San Diego to see firsthand how the Netradyne Driveri (pronounced “driver-eye”) system works. Far more than a traditional in-vehicle video system, Driveri helps fleet managers see an incident with in-depth, high-definition video.