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Chatty Chassis

Executive Editor Lauren Fletcher shares her thoughts on modern and vocational truck fleets and keys to fleet management success and growth. Covering the fleet industry since 2006, she shares insights and advice to increase success.

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5 Tips to Minimize Downtime for Truck Graphics Installation

3M is one of the top providers of vinyl for vehicle wraps.

Fleet trucks and vans are moving billboards and can be one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. But installing graphics takes a vehicle out of service, and we all know that time is money. And, one of the top fleet management goals is the reduction of vehicle downtime.

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Keep Truck Replacement Schedules Flexible

Truck fleets often see the need to add or remove vehicles due to seasonal operating parameters,...

A flexible truck replacement schedule will allow a fleet to keep its trucks in top operating condition, take advantage of incentives or concessions, and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and downtime.

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Work Truck Tries Out Driveri with Stanley Steemer

The Driveri in-vehicle device fits right below a vehicle’s rear-view mirror and packs a lot of...

Work Truck magazine visited a Stanley Steemer franchise office in San Diego to see firsthand how the Netradyne Driveri (pronounced “driver-eye”) system works. Far more than a traditional in-vehicle video system, Driveri helps fleet managers see an incident with in-depth, high-definition video.

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Do I Need a DOT Number?

A U.S. DOT number may be required regardless of whether you own only one truck or 100. While...

Whether you operate a small fleet of light-, medium-, or heavy-duty units, or are merely the owner of one truck wanting to ensure you adhere to the law, knowing if you can need a DOT number can be confusing.

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5 Factors Impacting the Future of Predictive Maintenance 

The future of predictive maintenance includes changes to technology that will continue to...

Is predictive maintenance any different from preventive maintenance? Both have the ultimate goal of preventing unscheduled problems and repairs. In short, yes! Predictive maintenance takes preventing issues one step further, utilizing data and information specific to a fleet and specific vehicles.

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Fleet FAQ? Fleet Safety & Risk Management

As a 14-year CEI veteran, Brian Kinniry is the driving force behind the company’s...

Senior Director, Strategic Services

Brian Kinniry

Senior Director, Strategic Services
Associate Vice President, Strategic Partners

Sherry Calkins

Associate Vice President, Strategic Partners
Assistant Vice President, Business Development, Enterprise Fleet Management

Dain Giesie

Assistant Vice President, Business Development, Enterprise Fleet Management