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Whip Around has achieved Geotab Premier Marketplace Partner and MoveEV has introduced an add-in for its ReimburseEV solution. status

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Fleet management just got easier with two new offerings from Whip Around and MoveEV. 

Whip Around has achieved Geotab Premier Marketplace Partner status, providing customizable digital inspection forms, defect/fault tracking, work order management, preventative maintenance schedules, and parts/inventory services. 

Meanwhile, MoveEV has introduced an add-in for its ReimburseEV solution, enabling fleet managers to monitor and reimburse drivers for electric vehicle home charging costs. Read on to learn more about these new offerings.

Whip Around Achieves Geotab Premier Marketplace Partner Status

Whip Around has achieved Geotab Premier Marketplace Partner status, which recognizes best-in-class solutions that complement or deeply integrate with the Geotab platform to ensure strong value for customers.

The software-as-a-service provider offers the industry's easiest-to-use inspection and maintenance platform, ideal for organizations seeking to better manage their fleets. Whip Around's software expands asset visibility, improves communication, operational efficiency, safety, and compliance across organizations.

The integration can be accessed within the Geotab platform, allowing users to sync odometer and engine hour readings, track DVIR defects and DTC faults, easily manage work orders, and trigger alerts and maintenance schedules. 

MoveEV Introduces New Geotab Marketplace Add-In for ReimburseEV

MoveEV announced its first add-in for the MyGeotab Product. The add-in is specifically designed for Geotab-enabled fleets with electric vehicles enrolled in MoveEV's home charging reimbursement program, ReimburseEV.

The solution facilitates a seamless connection between Geotab and the ReimburseEV platform, allowing fleet managers to quickly see any vehicle's home charging and reimbursement history without leaving the Geotab environment.

MoveEV is a member of Geotab Sustainability Alliance, and this integration is a significant step towards simplifying the management of EV fleets by embedding crucial functionalities within the familiar Geotab ecosystem.

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