MoveEV offers businesses a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for integrating EVs into their fleets. - Photo: MoveEV

MoveEV offers businesses a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for integrating EVs into their fleets.

Photo: MoveEV

Two new companies have joined the Geotab Marketplace.

To start, MoveEV is an AI-powered EV transition platform that helps organizations convert fleet and employee-owned gas vehicles to electric and reimburse for charging at home. This collaboration integrates MoveEV's flagship product, ReimburseEV, into the Geotab Marketplace, marking a significant step in advancing sustainable fleet management. 

MoveEV’s integration with Geotab's platform enables fleets with diverse electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids to utilize a unified solution for home charging reimbursements.

Through this integration, MoveEV can access precise charging data directly from fleet vehicles, regardless of the type of home chargers used, including trickle chargers. By combining this data with accurate home utility information, ReimburseEV creates detailed receipts for each charging event, simplifying the reimbursement process.

By facilitating efficient home charging, companies can leverage off-peak rates, minimize their on-site charging infrastructure, and accelerate the adoption of EVs in their fleets. This approach not only saves costs but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint of corporate transportation.

What Does the Driver Technologies Integration Mean to Commercial Fleets? 

Driver Technologies, an AI-based mobility tech company, announced the availability of the Driver Enterprise Solution on the Geotab Marketplace.

The Driver Enterprise Solution provides customers with premium access to its dashcam app and mobility safety features equipped with machine learning, providing audible alerts, such as distracted driving or forward collision alerts, to keep drivers safe.

Through the integration with Geotab, fleet managers can access their driver's dashcam videos in the Driver Cloud on the MyGeotab platform, offering a seamless fleet management and video telematics solution. In addition to the Driver Enterprise Solution, customers will also receive a Driver Cooler Mount, Driver's dashcam mount, to ensure work devices stay cool and have a good view of the road.

"At Driver, we're excited to partner with Geotab to improve road safety for small fleet vehicles on the road," said Marcus Newbury, COO and co-founder of Driver Technologies. "Currently, small fleets across the U.S. are using hardware solutions for their dashcam needs. At Driver, we want to change that by providing fleets with AI mobility safety features, a dashcam and cloud access using just their cell phone that can all be shared with fleet managers through the MyGeotab platform"

Avoid hardware installation costs with the Driver Enterprise solution, now available on the Geotab marketplace. - Photo: Geotab Marketplace

Avoid hardware installation costs with the Driver Enterprise solution, now available on the Geotab marketplace. 

Photo: Geotab Marketplace

Geotab offers an extensive ecosystem of valuable, business-focused applications and add-ons via the Geotab Marketplace, helping provide businesses with the tools needed to better manage their fleets. With the addition of the Driver Enterprise Solution on the Geotab Marketplace, the more than 40,000 worldwide Geotab customers will have access to a solution that integrates into customers' MyGeotab platform and provides trip data via:

  • Telematics.
  • Safety alerts.
  • Dashcam video.

"We're excited to introduce Driver Technologies' Enterprise Solution to our Marketplace. At Geotab, we understand the power of data and have seen firsthand how safety solutions such as Driver's can empower customers to reduce equipment costs and installation times of new technology, and more importantly, help keep their drivers safe," said Scott Sutarik, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Geotab. "By providing our customers with access to the Driver app, we are expanding our fleet driver safety solutions on both sides of the wheel through real-time in-vehicle driver coaching functionalities such as forward-collision warnings and distracted driving alerts."

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in May 2023 and has been updated. 

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