Each fleet manager will receive access to their own DriverCloud to see all videos and data from...

Each fleet manager will receive access to their own DriverCloud to see all videos and data from the fleet.

Photo: Driver Technologies

Driver Technologies, Inc. and Fleetr by Jooycar announced a partnership to provide a solution to small fleet operators and drivers. The solution includes location and trip data, safety alerts, and dash cam video through Fleetr’s telematics and Driver’s service offering, according to Driver Technologies' news release. 

In addition, Fleetr said its drivers will gain access to a personal DriverCloud where drivers can choose to share their driving videos, AI analysis, safety warnings, and location with interested parties such as employers, insurers, and family members. Each fleet manager will also receive access to their DriverCloud to see all videos and data from the fleet, according to Driver Technologies.

According to the most recent American Trucking Association report, 91.5% of fleets operate six or fewer vehicles, and 97.4% operate less than 20 vehicles.

“At Driver, we wanted to find a strong partner within the small fleet management industry to improve road safety for vehicles on the road,” said Marcus Newbury, COO/co-founder of Driver Technologies. “Our partnership with Fleetr will continue to help small fleet owners worldwide reduce equipment costs and installation time of new technology for fleet drivers through using their smartphone combined with devices.”

Earlier this summer, Driver Technologies announced the launch of the premium version of its dash cam app, Driver, which includes real-time safety alerts: forward collision, driver drowsiness and distraction warnings, cloud storage, AI analysis, and coaching.

Through the partnership, Fleetr subscribers will gain access to DriverPremium and a cooling dash cam mount for free, and in the case of a collision, Driver will provide a video and a written report to the fleet manager, according to Driver Technologies.

Via a device plugged into your car and connected with a mobile/desktop app, Fleetr equips fleet owners and managers with telematics and machine learning to collect data about driving behavior, real-time vehicle location, maintenance reporting, and driver safety and risk assessment, according to the company.

“At Fleetr, we’re on a mission to provide solutions for small fleet owners to manage overall spending and improve safety,” said Rachel Corn, CEO of Fleetr. “Through our partnership with Driver Technologies, we’re able to provide more safety features than ever before to our customers at a price point that meets their needs and is groundbreaking in the SMB fleet management space. Never before have small fleet owners been able to buy fleet management solutions and dashcam applications for $14.99. In today's inflationary environment and in the face of rising insurance premiums, this combined offering will bring important savings to small business owners. Moreover, the dashcam functionality will be valuable in our soon to be launched auto insurance product.” 

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