Get ready for the popular Roundtable discussions portion of Work Truck Exchange 2024!   -  Photo: Work Truck

Get ready for the popular Roundtable discussions portion of Work Truck Exchange 2024! 

Photo: Work Truck

When managing a fleet, you want to get straight to the point and find real answers. That's exactly what the Work Truck Exchange (WTX) roundtable discussions are about.

Picture this: you, your peers, and folks from the supply side, all sitting down and talking shop about what really matters in fleet management.

“The Roundtable discussions are one of the most talked about parts of WTX. The conversations take off quickly, and there is never a shortage of differing viewpoints, people with the same challenges, and folks who have found creative solutions. Seeing everyone come together and share insights and solve problems is exactly why WTX is a can’t-miss event for light- and medium-duty truck and van fleet managers,” said Lauren Fletcher, executive editor of Fleet, Trucking & Transportation at Bobit and Work Truck.

Work Truck Exchange is taking place September 25-27, 2024 and fleet manager applications are open now!

Watch this 60-second short video below! 

Starting the Tough Conversations

So, what’s the deal with Roundtables at WTX? It's simple. We set up several tables, each focused on a different topic that hits close to home for fleet managers. You'll find yourself hashing out issues, swapping stories, and brainstorming solutions on everything from maintenance headaches to sustainability woes, technology concerns, and more.

Topics change up every year based on what YOU need to talk about.

  • Real Conversations: No sales pitches, just honest-to-goodness discussions about the nuts and bolts of managing a fleet.
  • Learn from the Best: Hear how others are tackling the same problems you're up against. It’s like having a team of consultants, but better, because they're in the trenches with you.
  • Bring Home Solutions: It’s not just talk. The aim is to walk away with actionable advice you can put to work the minute you get back to your fleet.
  • Build Your Network: These aren’t your typical networking sessions. You're building real connections with folks who know exactly what you're dealing with.

Apply Today to Get in on the Conversation!

It's not every day that you get to sit down with people who speak your language and face the same day-to-day challenges. Whether it's figuring out how to keep your vehicles running smoother for longer or navigating the latest regulations, these discussions are gold mines for solutions.

WTX isn't just another stop on the conference circuit. It’s like the VIP lounge for commercial fleets where real talk happens, and real problems get solved. If you're tired of the same old song and dance and looking for genuine insights, WTX and our Roundtable discussions are where you want to be.

So, are you ready to roll up your sleeves, dive into some straight talk, and walk away with answers that make a difference? Join us at the next Work Truck Exchange. Let’s tackle the tough stuff together and make your fleet the best it can be.

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Lauren Fletcher

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