Not all leases are built the same and depending on overall needs, there are three main options...

Terex Shares Equipment Financing Options Tips

Terex shares tips to help fleet operations managers better understand their options for maintaining as much financial liquidity as possible without compromising investment in mission critical equipment.

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Curry Supply has grown into a coast-to-coast operation with locations in Pennsylvania, Texas,...

Stellar Industrys Adds Curry Supply as Distributor

Stellar Industries announced the addition of Curry Supply in Gilbert, Ariz., to its growing distribution network.

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Buyers Products Donates for COVID-19 Relief

Buyers Products, a manufacturer of work truck equipment, has made a series of extensive gifts to area non-profit organizations out of concern of the most vulnerable in the community in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Rice will be responsible for delivering crane operator and rigger training solutions for...

Crane Industry Services Expands Team

Crane Industry Services (CIS) expanded its team with the addition of Ray Rice as business development manager.

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How COVID-19 Impacted Fueling Trends

How COVID-19 Impacted Fueling Trends

The pandemic has greatly influenced how fleets are running their operations, and for some could mean fewer assets being utilized, or perhaps a halt in operations altogether if your business was closed for being considered non-essential.

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Technicians will be dispatched where it is safe to do so and only for business-critical...

Terex Still Shipping, Suspends Some Production

Terex is still shipping equipment and parts operations, parts fabrication, service centers, logistics, and shipping operations are running.

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In under five minutes, one technician’s compartment can be exchanged with another technician’s...

Maintainer Expands Removable Compartment Options

Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. enhanced its line of Removable Compartments for Maintainer service bodies.

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COVID-19 Offers Opportunity to Make a Dent in the Technician Shortage

COVID-19 Offers Opportunity to Make a Dent in the Technician Shortage

Now is when the fleet industry should be proactively identifying these future technicians. The fleet industry has a window to tap into this idled labor pool, who will look attractive to other industries experiencing labor shortages leading to increased competition to recruit this talent

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