Immediately following the incident, Masscuhsetts Governor Charlie Barker declared a state of...

Gas Company Steps Up After Gas Explosion in Massachusetts

60 Columbia Gas and contracted construction teams will begin a massive replacement program to ultimately replace the 48-mile distribution system.

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Altec Recalls Nearly 600 Aerial Devices

Altec Recalls Nearly 600 Aerial Devices

Two recalls were issued for Altec aerial devices: one for units equipped with aluminum work platforms, and another for an incorrectly placed battery fuse.

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Cummins showed off a Kenworth T370 with its PowerDrive hybrid powertrain.

Cummins PowerDrive Powertrain Turned a T370 Into a Hybrid

Cummins unveiled its PowerDrive suite of plug-in hybrid electric solutions on a functional Kenworth T370 utility truck at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hannover, Germany.

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Utility Company Donates Bucket Truck to Local Village

Utility Company Donates Bucket Truck to Local Village

The Village of Bethalto, Ill., will use Ameren Illinois' bucket truck for tree trimming, light pole maintenance, and general maintenance around the community.

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MD Helicopters' 530F features an all-glass cockpit.

Tennessee Valley Authority Adds Helicopter

The helicopter is fitted with a 12-gallon auxiliary fuel tank, 3,600-pound cargo hook, high-visibility main rotor blades, and wire strike protection.

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SoCalGas plans to pilot renewable natural gas (RNG) at its fueling stations.

SoCalGas to Offer RNG at Fueling Stations

Southern California Gas Co. will offer renewable natural gas (RNG) at 31 fueling stations across Southern California.

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Larson Releases Magnetic Lighting Mount for Ford Super Duty

Larson Releases Magnetic Lighting Mount for Ford Super Duty

The no-drill steel mounting plate works for any light with a magnetic mounting base up to 30 pounds, including spotlights, flood lights, flashers, and beacons.

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The SYFRM is designed to lay beneath the truck's third brake light, providing space on the top...

Customize Ford Trucks with Drill-Free Mounts

Superior Signals, Inc. (SSI) introduces a new drill-free mount for Ford work trucks, allowing the ability to add additional lighting or accessories without damaging the vehicles’ exterior.

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