Getting the most from Work Truck Week, diesel prices, SDG&E microgrids, Fuso’s updated Canter, and more.
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Finding your perfect fleet match is easy when you can beat the lines at Work Truck Exchange. - Photo: Work Truck

Find Your Perfect Fleet Match at Work Truck Exchange

Get the most out of your Work Truck Exchange (WTX) visit with our unique one-on-one appointment system. Learn how this innovative approach can help you streamline your fleet operations and discover solutions to problems you never knew you had."

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All regions except for the Rocky Mountains saw a minor decrease in diesel fuel costs to close out the month of February 2024. - Photo: Work Truck | EIA

February 2024 Diesel Fuel Update: Costs Dip Again

What's the current state of the industry when looking at diesel fuel? Check out the latest updates that matter to work truck fleets and how diesel fuel costs are being impact at the end of the month.

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San Diego Gas & Electric has added four new microgrids that can operate independently or in tandem with the larger regional grid. - Photo: SDG&E

SDG&E Unveils Four Advanced Microgrids to Boost Grid Resilience

San Diego Gas & Electric's four new microgrids offer a combined storage capacity of approximately 39 megawatts (MW) and 180 megawatt-hours (MWh) across four SDG&E substations. They can operate independently or in tandem with the regional power grid.

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Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation has updated its Canter light-duty truck, which is now available in Japan. - Photo: MFTBC

Mitsubishi Fuso Launches Updated Light-Duty Canter

An updated Fuso Canter has been released after being redesigned for the first time in 14 years. The latest version of the Canter features a 10-inch full LCD panel and advanced safety features.

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TowMate has launched the TM-LS-UVA and the SS470UVA safety lights that both use HINVII lighting technology. - Photo: TowMate

TowMate Unveils Safety Lighting with HINVII Technology

TowMate has launched two new products that use HINVII technology to illuminate roadside workers’ safety vests. The lights are not visible to the workers and the company said that helps by not hampering workers’ vision at night.

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The LevelRight can help level in multiple planes and has a capacity of 350,000 pounds. - Photo: DICA

DICA Launches LevelRight Adjustable Leveling Pad

The LevelRight, by DICA, can be rotated to address unlevel surfaces in multiple planes and has a rated capacity of 350,000 pounds. It can adjust the overall angle from 0-10 degrees and in two planes up to 5 degrees.

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The new Bantam Switch self-retracting lifeline moves the housing unit to the anchor point, reducing the weight on a worker’s back. - Photo: Werner

Werner Launches New Reverse-System Self-Retracting Lifeline

Werner has introduced the Bantam Switch self-retracting lifeline, which has moved the weight of the housing unit to the anchor point and off the back of the wearer.

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The Allison eGen Power 100S has been successfully integrated into the McNeilus Volterra ZSL electric refuse vehicle. - Photo: McNeilus

Allison Provides e-Axles for Electric Refuse Collection Truck

Oshkosh recognized that the eGen Power 100S architecture efficiency advantage in heavy stop-start refuse applications would extend the eRCV’s range.

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Isuzu Commercial Truck of America is celebrating its 40th anniversary of providing trucks in the United States. - Photo: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America/HDT Illustration

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Celebrates 40 Years

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, originally Isuzu Truck of America, is turning 40 this year and the company said the celebration is underway. The first Isuzu truck, the KS22, arrived in the United States in November 1984.

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What to Consider When Planning to Deploy an EV Utility Fleet

From the chargers you’ll need to determining which types of vehicles will fit your fleet best, there’s a lot to think about before making the transition. - Photo: Unsplash/CHUTTERSNAP

From the chargers you’ll need to determining which types of vehicles will fit your fleet best, there’s a lot to think about before making the transition.

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