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Neste’s renewable diesel has excellent stability, which provides for outstanding storage properties.

Unlock the Benefits of Renewable Diesel in Work Truck Fleets

Renewable diesel is an alternative to traditional diesel that promises a greener future and enhanced operational advantages for work truck fleets.

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With already pressed capacities and ordering delays, what will the UAW strike mean to commercial...

[Updated] UAW Strike Starts, Impact on Commercial Work Truck Fleets

Last year, it was a potential freight rail labor strike threatening commercial vehicle orders. Today, it's a UAW labor strike.

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National Truck Protection celebrates four decades in business in September 2023.

Celebrating 40 Years of National Truck Protection: A Journey of Service and Innovation

Over the past four decades, NTP has evolved to meet the changing needs of medium-duty truck operators and dealers. In this article, we look closer at NTP's journey, its impact on the trucking industry, and what fleet managers and operators should know about extended warranties today.

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The Black Fleet Network, or BFN, is making major strikes increasing diversification within the...

Faces of Fleet: Za Farley - Diversifying Fleet with Black Fleet Network

The Black Fleet Network, or BFN, is making major strikes increasing diversification within the fleet industry. Find out more about what they stand for and how anyone can support their efforts.

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W750 features 118 kWh battery delivers up to 150 miles of range.

Workhorse Customers Can Get up to $40,000 Credit

Workhorse Group is now certified for the Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit. Workhorse customers can get a credit of up to $40,000 for all Workhorse vehicle deliveries

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Our brains seem to prefer meeting new people in person, with face-to-face interactions often...

Driving Success: The Critical Role of Building Relationships in Fleet Operations

Prioritize investing time and effort in building and maintaining your valuable relationships – your fleet's future success depends on it.

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Mexico ranked as China's second-largest export market globally, second only to Russia in July 2023.

Mexico Emerges as Key Player in China's Commercial Vehicle Export Market

Mexico took center stage as China's foremost choice for light-duty commercial vehicle exports.

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As the fleet industry evolves, it's crucial to honor and celebrate the vehicles contributing to...

Cast Your Vote for the 2023 Fleet Vehicle of the Year Awards!

The 2023 Car, Truck, SUV, and Van of the Year awards celebrate excellence in the automotive industry, and your vote will help determine the winners.

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Seeing Success: How Smart Dashcams Protect Service Fleets

Join us as we discuss how smart dashcams can help fleets improve their safety, visibility and efficiency on the road.

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The new solution combines Stanadyne’s direct injection fuel pump and injector system with...

New Direct-Injection Propane Tech for Truck Fleets

Through a joint partnership between Stanadyne, Katech, and the Propane Education & Research Council, this new technology will drive the transportation industry further down the path to zero.

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Expert review of dash cam footage reduces risk and saves carriers time.

J. J. Keller Offers Video Review Service

J. J. Keller offers new expert video review service for transportation dash cam fleets.

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Vehicle Market Report for August 2023 saw significant declines in wholesale prices.

Vehicle Market Report: August 2023

August reported another month of wholesale vehicle prices declines throughout all vehicle segments.

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Small fleets can use tech to gain a significant competitive edge.

3 Valuable Lessons for Small Truck Fleets From Large Fleets

Small fleets can save costs and boost efficiency with AI, predictive maintenance, and data analytics.

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Embracing Tech to Improve Savings, Safety, & Security

J&M Contracting tackles challenges in fleet management, including theft prevention, driver safety, and workforce management, by leveraging technology such as asset tracking software.

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