The 2020 Ford F-600 was unveiled at The Work Truck Show 2019 in Indianapolis

Ford's F-600 Rounds Out Super Duty Lineup

The new Ford F-600 Super Duty chassis cab offers more power and a 22,000-pound GVWR in a familiar Class 5 Super Duty package.

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Since the implementation of Tier 4 regulations, many work truck fleets are seeing increased...

How Changing Emissions Standards Affect Work Truck Fleets

Many industries are making it a priority to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as national standards and public expectations continue to change. The work truck industry is among those most affected by this push.

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Kenworth's TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics are now available on medium-duty models, including the...

Kenworth Offers Remote Diagnostics on Medium-Duty Trucks

Kenworth is adding the TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics system as an option for its medium-duty conventional trucks.

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Autocar showed off the new DC-6R, the first conventional truck developed by Autocar in more than...

Autocar Rolls out New Conventional Truck Model

Autocar says its new DC-64R conventional truck is designed for severe-duty refuse applications.

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Fleet Manager Sponsored by Venturo
Introducing VLC™ for Smarter Crane Operations

Programmable logic control (PLC) systems give operators greater control and improved safety features. Brand-new Venturo Logic Controls™ for Venturo fully-hydraulic service cranes make crane operations more safe and efficient by utilizing features like overload protection, a pistol-grip controller and visible safety alerts. For more information, click here.

The Mack LR BEV is powered by Mack’s integrated electric powertrain consisting of two 130-kW...

Mack Reveals Fully Electric LR Refuse Truck

Mack Trucks unveiled its Mack LR battery-electric vehicle (BEV), powered by two 130-kW motors producing a combined 496 peak hp and 4,051 lb.-ft. of torque, at WasteExpo 2019.

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Predictive Coach is an add-in to Geotab vehicle telematics devices, that analyzes real-time...

Predictive Coach Automatically Assigns Driver Training Based on Behavior

Predictive Coach is driver training software that assigns behavior-based training based on actual driving behavior from a telematics device.

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RevHD has produced a new line of severe-duty hub caps that can alert you if your wheel end...

RevHD Hub Cap Features Overheat Indicator

RevHD has produced a new line of severe-duty hub caps that can alert you if your wheel end reaches temperatures above 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Haldex has announced its new line of Midland 3IN1 ConnectSets air and electrical accessories.

Haldex Launches Midland Line of Air and Electrical Accessories

The lineup includes seven-way cable assemblies, tractor-trailer jumper air lines, tender kits and an expansion of brake hose assemblies that include dual live swivel fitting configurations.

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