Lytx has rebranded its video telematics solutions.

Lytx has rebranded its video telematics solutions.

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Lytx has relaunched its video telematics-based solutions into four offerings that help provide visibility, safety, and efficiency to the fleets who use them, according to the company.

The most notable change comes with the launch of its Driver Safety Program that replaces the DriveCam safety program. The new solution continues to offer coaching workflow and program management, and adds new features such as continual recording, improved functionality, and extensive configurability, according to Lytx.

The name DriveCam now refers to the event recorder that captures video, as well as accelerometer and GPS data around speeding, hard braking, and other more risky driver behavior. The device analyzes what's happening on the road at all times, according to the company.

Lytx will also offer three other solutions that include the Lytx Video Platform, Risk Detection Service, and Fleet Tracking Service.

The Lytx Video Platform is the company's foundational offering. It's available as a standalone product, and is required to enable other modules. It allows fleet managers to manage their account, programs, services, and data from a cloud-based portal. Fleet managers can view continually recorded video with customizable clip lengths and the ability to add auxiliary cameras.

The Risk Detection Service provides timely clips of moments that need to be tracked and includes the video platform. Fleet managers can view reports from a dashboard that categorizes risk and shows driver habits most likely to result in collisions.

The Fleet Tracking Service provides real-time access to fleet status with vehicle locations, ETA, and trip histories. Fleet managers can set custom alerts for geofencing parameters, speeding, and idling.

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