XRS Corporation, a mobile fleet optimization software company, debuted its Road Science Lab, a new product immersion facility at its Eden Prairie, Minn. headquarters designed to give customers, prospects and technology partners a hands-on experience with the company’s new mobile software platform.

The lab occupies a prominent space adjacent to the visitor’s lobby and features a variety of the trucking industry’s most popular handheld mobile devices – each running the latest version of XRS fleet management software – and a large-format digital display for high-visibility learning and discussion.

“Trucking operators across the country wanted a single location where they could view all of the device options for running the new XRS platform, so we created a one-stop shop where they could review and actually try all the possibilities,” said Christian Schenk, senior vice president of strategy and market growth for XRS Corporation. “The Road Science Lab is a comprehensive showcase of the power and productivity available to fleets with the newest and fastest mobile devices and wireless networks.”

Using the new XRS platform which conveniently runs on existing mobile devices, drivers are able to access satellite imagery of destinations, message other drivers with status updates, communicate with dispatchers and capture photos, in addition to many other capabilities that fleet managers can use to provide valuable new services to their customers.

XRS runs on more than 50 types of mobile devices and automatically transmits vehicle and operator data directly to a management dashboard, providing compliance with the new MAP-21 compliance mandate for recording hours-of-service. Nearly 90 percent of drivers already have mobile devices in use, meaning there are no additional hardware costs associated with the XRS platform, and XRS Corporation has partnership agreements with the leading brands in mobile communications in both the U.S. and Canada.

“Our Road Science Lab is more than just a product display,” said James DeSocio, executive vice president of field operations for XRS. “It allows our customers and technology partners to see how XRS can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different vertical industries, using a wide range of devices and networks.”

With XRS, there are no up-front hardware costs and no capital requirements. The subscription-based monthly service features varying pricing levels, dependent on package and functionality. The return on investment for XRS is almost immediate, as it pays off in driver productivity, fuel efficiency, fleet utilization, accident prevention, compliance and much more.

XRS is currently in limited release, with general availability expected in spring 2013. Pricing and package levels will be announced prior to general release. To sign up or learn more about the XRS platform, please visit www.xrscorp.com. To schedule a visit to XRS’ new Road Science Lab, please call 1-800-745-9282.