Ford was honored with two awards from the editors at Edmunds, for Top Truck and Top Electric Truck. - Photo: Work Truck/Ford

Ford was honored with two awards from the editors at Edmunds, for Top Truck and Top Electric Truck. 

Photo: Work Truck/Ford

Edmunds announced its “Top Rated Truck” and “Top Rated Electric Truck” for 2023. And this year, Ford took home both titles.  

Each year, the editors at Edmunds put their heads together and determine what are the best new vehicles, including trucks, on sale today.

  • The 2023 Ford F-150 took home the “Top Rated Truck” award after beating out two other finalists, the 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz and 2023 Honda Ridgeline.
  • The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning took home the “Top Rated Electric Truck” award after beating out the 2023 Rivian R1T as a finalist.

Ford F-150: Edmunds Top Rated Truck

The Ford F-150 took home the Edmunds award for Top Truck. - Photo: Ford

The Ford F-150 took home the Edmunds award for Top Truck. 

Photo: Ford

Edmunds says: Modern trucks need to be like Swiss Army knives for many Americans. For some, they’re the lifeblood of their business. For others, they’re off-road adventure machines for weekend warriors. And for still others, they’re the new American family car. The Ford F-150 is another repeat winner in its category, as there is an F-150 for every wallet and purpose. It can even be equipped with innovative features you won’t find on any other truck on the market.

Counterpoint: The F-150′s interior storage compartments could be roomier or more versatile. Also, the hybrid model’s fuel economy fell short of its EPA estimate in Edmunds’ testing.

According to Edmunds, when it comes to trucks doing truck things, the F-150 does them better than any truck on the market. There's a configuration and powertrain available for nearly everyone to get the job done, and it's also comfortable and loaded with Ford’s latest driver assist features.

The F-150 can be equipped with features not found on any other truck on the market, according to Edmunds, such as a built-in truck bed scale and a large fold-out desk surface for anyone who needs to get work done with their truck on the go.

"When you think of innovation, a full-size pickup truck probably doesn't come first to mind. But to woo over buyers, manufacturers have put a lot of new thinking into the traditional American workhorse. This year, no one has done that better than Ford,” said Jonathan Elfalan, director, vehicle testing, Edmunds.

So, what stood out to Edmund’s editors? According to a release, the F-150’s Pro Power Onboard is simply genius. This onboard generator can power tools, household appliances, and even a house during a power outage.

  • Edmunds Rating: 8.5/10
  • MSRP: $41,530 - $107,350
  • EPA-combined MPG: 16-23 MPG

Ford F-150 Lightning: Edmunds Top Rated Electric Truck

The Ford F-150 Lightning took home the Edmunds award for Top Electric Truck. - Photo: Ford

The Ford F-150 Lightning took home the Edmunds award for Top Electric Truck. 

Photo: Ford

Edmunds says: It was a field of two in the new category of electric pickup truck this year: the Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150 Lightning. For most Americans, the F-150 Lightning will be a better experience overall. It has plenty of range and power for an EV without being over the top or quirky. Nearly all the regular F-150′s qualities are present here as well. Think of it as a regular F-150 that happens to be electric.

Counterpoint: Maximum range is capped at 230 miles without the pricey extended-range battery. Also, pricing for Lightning’s upper trim levels is pretty high.

According to Edmunds, the F-150 Lightning's strong performance and long range make it our clear winner in the Electric Truck category. The Lightning is at once both futuristic and familiar. In addition, it features modern technology; for example, its battery can power a home during power outages.

Yet, at its heart, Edmunds noted that the Lightning is still an F-150. Its controls will be familiar to anyone driving a gas-powered F-150, yet it offers quicker acceleration and lower running costs. And its extended-range battery offers up to 345 miles in Edmunds' real-world testing. Editors noted that range decreases noticeably when towing, but overall, the Lightning is a great truck that just so happens to be an EV.

"The F-150 Lightning is Ford's Tesla Model S moment. I can't think of another EV that has more appeal for so much of the U.S. market. But the best part is it's excellent. Those who aren't convinced on first blush need to live with the Lightning for a week to see just how big of a step forward this thing is,” said Nick Yekikian, news editor, Edmunds.

So, what stood out to Edmund’s editors? The F-150 Lightning makes for an easier transition into electric vehicle ownership and is more affordable for more people than competitors.

  • Edmunds Rating: 8.4/10
  • MSRP: $46,974 - $96,874
  • Edmunds EV Range Test: 345 miles

And it's not just editors see the value in these trucks. Fleets are also hopping on board. In December 2022, Sunrun added two dozen Ford F-150 Lightning trucks to its fleet to help reduce transportation emissions and SDG&E also added a few electric Ford pickups to its fleet. 

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