Ford was America’s best-selling brand in the second quarter on the strength of its trucks, electric vehicles, and new vehicle launches, posting sales gains of 11.2% for the quarter.

Ford is now the best-selling brand and has the best-selling truck in America for six consecutive months this year. F-Series has been the best-selling truck in America for 46 years in a row.

A few highlights of the recent sales report include: 

  • Fast Sales Start for New Escape: Sales of the new Escape were up 28.7% in Q2. Forty percent of Escape Q2 sales are the new ST-Line series. Nearly half of the Escape Plug-in Hybrid customers are new to Ford.
  • EV Momentum: Year-to-date Ford EV sales rose 11.9%. Mustang Mach-E gains continued in June, up 110% vs. a year ago. Ford’s overall EV sales, which would include the popular Ford F-150 EV, the Lightning, were up 35.5% in June.
  • Strong New Super Duty Q2 Sales: Sales of the all-new Super Duty continued its momentum through Q2, with sales up just over 28.5%. June Super Duty sales were up 28.9%, giving us a very consistent Q2 result.

Owning the No. 1 Truck Title

Ford pickup truck sales accelerated in the second quarter, climbing 26.2% on the strength of the new Super Duty and improved inventory flow. This is the second straight quarterly gain for Ford and best Q2 sales performance since pre-Covid 2019.

Ford was the No. 1 selling truck manufacturer in Q2 and for the first half of the year. Sales climbed 26.2% in Q2. Through the first half of 2023, Ford’s overall truck sales totaled 549,625, up 23.1% and outselling GM’s trucks and vans by approximately 61,000 trucks.


Ford EV Sales Gain Momentum

Ford’s EV sales continue to grow building on the sales momentum of the F-150 Lightning and Mach-E, which achieved higher sales through stronger inventory.

“Ford achieved both best-selling brand and truck for six consecutive months this year on the strength of F-Series, vans, our new Escape and F-150 Lightning,” said Andrew Frick, vice president, sales distribution, and trucks. “Our EV sales continue to grow. Improved Mustang Mach-E inventory flow began to hit at the end of Q2 following the retooling of our plant earlier this year, which helped Mustang Mach-E sales climb 110 percent in June.”

F-150 Lightning sales were up 119% in Q2 over year ago and a 4.1% gain from Q1. F-150 Lightning continues to attract new customers to Ford with 50% new to the brand, based on most recent conquest data. Year-to-date, Ford EV sales rose 11.9%. Ford’s overall EV sales were up 35.5% in June.

Plus, electric truck owners will get access to Tesla charging stations as early as next year. 

Pickup Truck Sales Full Steam Ahead

With the launch of Ford’s all-new Super Duty pickup and chassis cabs, F-Series sales increased 34% increase in Q2 on sales of 212,516 F-Series trucks. That’s up 24.7% from the first quarter. F-Series total industry share hit almost 36% in Q2 – up almost 5 full percentage points over Q2 last year.

Through the first half of this year, F-Series remains America’s best-selling truck on sales of 382,893 trucks – outselling second-place Silverado by approximately 118,000 trucks. Ford Maverick sales increased 7.8% in Q2 ahead of additional capacity coming online this month to meet continued strong customer demand.

According to Ford, combined F-Series, Ranger, and Maverick sales of 246,155 pickups outsold all of GM’s Silverado, Sierra, Colorado, Canyon, and Hummer EV in Q2 of this year. Ford’s combined sales of F-Series, Ranger and Maverick were up 26.7% in Q2 over a year ago.

Recently, the automaker announced buyers looking for the Ford Maverick Hybrid for sale in the 2024-MY will no longer be ordering the least expensive model option. 


Vans Continue a Popular Fleet Option

The strength of Ford’s vans continued to shine for the quarter. Transit continued as America’s best-selling van in Q2 on sales of 32,031 – up 30.1%, compared to year ago. Ford E-Series vans increased 63.7% in Q2 and are up 55.7% this year.

Ford was No. 1 in commercial sales, based on the most recent registration data through April. Ford’s U.S. Class 1-7 commercial trucks and vans share grew to 40.3%, up 1.0 percentage point from the same period a year ago.

BlueCruise, Ford’s driver assist technology, continues to be a hit with customers. Customer usage has now surpassed 90 million hands-free driven miles, cumulatively, a 40% increase since the end of Q1. Ford’s latest version of the technology, BlueCruise 1.2, allows hands-free lane changes with the tap of a turn signal and delivers a more seamless driving experience. Ford will continue to improve the BlueCruise experience for its customers and deliver it through over-the-air updates.​

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