Ford F-150 Lightnings pickups (all series) on their way to customers across North America.

Ford F-150 Lightnings pickups (all series) on their way to customers across North America. 

Photo: Ford

The popular electric truck model for fleets, the Ford F-150 Lightning, made news again as it was hit with the third price increase in one year.

In August 2022, the electric truck price was increased $7,000 to an MSRP of $48,769. In October, the truck increased to $51,974 MSRP plus the $1,795 delivery fee.

Now, the automaker is raising prices once again, according to reports from CNBC. The new price will be $55,974 – this is an increase of about $4,000 over the previous price.

When the truck was first launched, it made a splash with the under $40k base selling price. Doing the math shows an increase of approximately 40% from the original MSRP of $39,974 Ford announced in May of 2021.

Check out the current Ford F-150 Lightning as of press time:

F-150 Lightning MSRP
Pro  $55,974
XLT  $63,474
XLT High  $68,474
XLT High / Extended Range     $80,974
Lariat  $74,474
Lariat Extended Range  $85,974
Platinum Extended Range  $96,874

What’s causing the price increases? Mostly supply chain constraints and raw material costs have increased, including cobalt, nickel, and lithium.

Ford Lightning Still Selling

Ford had sold 13,258 units since the truck was introduced in May, according to the company, with 2,062 of those sales made in November 2022.

The truck, while rising in prices, is still making a splash with MotorTrend naming the model the 2023 Truck of the Year in a unanimous vote by judges.

According to a release from the automaker, Ford is ramping up to deliver 150,000 Lightning trucks by the end of 2023. In August, Ford announced that it had officially delivered an F-150 Lightning to every U.S. state

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