Specific tank level alerts can be set up at any percentage amount.

Specific tank level alerts can be set up at any percentage amount.

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Fleet managers now have a new way to manage propane autogas tank monitoring.

Superior Energy Systems offers remote tank monitoring for propane autogas storage tanks for fleets.

Monitors will automatically tie into company’s proprietary, cloud-based fuel management software.

This capability is a combined effort with Marshall Excelsior, BASE Engineering Inc. and GVM Integrations and allows fleets the ability to monitor autogas tank levels without marketer coordination.

With this new feature, fleet operators can view tank levels of an unlimited number of stations on the dashboard of their personal Superior Energy Systems’ propane autogas account.

Specific tank level alerts can be set up at any percentage amount to appear on the dashboard, and alerts can also be sent by email to fleet personnel. For fleets not on a regular propane delivery schedule, the feature allows for greater control of planning fuel deliveries.

Additionally, the monitoring system enhances Superior Energy Systems’ remote troubleshooting capabilities by offering a more comprehensive view of not only dispensers like the Pro-VEND 2000 and 2500, but the entire skid system. It can also help fleets avoid costly equipment replacement, downtime and failure.

Superior Energy Systems is the only dispenser manufacturer to offer this specific propane autogas tank monitoring capability,” said Derek Rimko, vice president of operations.

“We continue to offer the best technology available in autogas refueling, including our control system and backend software, and this is a perfect example of expanding our offering to ensure fleet managers have all the necessary tools to reap the benefits of autogas.”

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