LANCASTER, WI - Wisconsin's Charter Fuels is driving clean and saving green with a newly converted propane autogas-powered Ford F-150. Charter expects to save $4,500 annually on fuel costs alone by running this company truck on clean, affordable autogas.

A fueling partner in the national Alliance AutoGas network, Charter Fuels is also helping other Midwest fleets save money and reduce emissions by shifting from gasoline to autogas. Autogas averages $1.25 per gallon less than gasoline, and vehicles emit 20 percent less carbon monoxide, 40 percent less nitrogen oxide and 12 percent less carbon dioxide than gasoline vehicles.

"With this truck, we serve residents in Wisconsin, the upper-peninsula of Michigan, Eastern Minnesota and even parts of bordering Iowa and Illinois-that's a lot of mileage," says Charter Fuels President Doug Pink. "By running this one vehicle on autogas, we'll save thousands on fuel costs without a loss of performance. And because autogas is cleaner burning than gasoline, we also expect the vehicle to require less maintenance in the long run."

Charter Fuels newly converted propane autogas-powered Ford F-150.

Charter Fuels newly converted propane autogas-powered Ford F-150.

The U.S supply of autogas is 90 percent made in America, and it is the most widely used alternative fuel globally. Alliance AutoGas is the only complete program to help U.S. fleets transition to autogas, providing vehicle conversions, fuel supply, on-site fueling station installation, and ongoing technical support and training. The conversions utilize the bi-fuel Prins VSI system, which automatically switches to gasoline if a fueling station cannot be reached when the autogas tank is running low.

"Not only is Charter Fuels dedicated to ensuring more Midwestern fleets can get up and running on autogas, we're committed to running our own vehicles on this environmentally friendly fuel," says Pink. "The bottom line is that autogas is a viable domestic fuel that is ready to use, now, and American fleets can't afford not to make the switch."