N4 Power’s Anti-Idle Kit Available through GSA

Photo courtesy of N4 Power

N4 Power’s anti-idling solution, the KinetiCharger, is designed for all vehicles, including work trucks and law enforcement vehicles that often leave their vehicles running to power auxiliary equipment. It is designed to help fleets reduce fuel, maintenance, and operational change issues.

The KinetiCharger provides electric battery-powered climate control and power. It is maintenance-free and self-sustaining, runs autonomously, and requires no change in vehicle operation procedures, according to the company.

KinetiCharger kits are compact and lightweight to minimize the impact on vehicle space. The plug-and-play solution’s modular components can accommodate a wide range a vehicle, and can be configured to maximize any vehicle duty cycle.

Now available through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) schedule, the KinetiCharger can now be purchased by city, county, and state agencies that use cooperative procurement.

Originally posted on Government Fleet