The redesigned 14530 joins the updated lineup.  -  Photo: Stellar Industries

The redesigned 14530 joins the updated lineup.

Photo: Stellar Industries

Stellar Industries launched a new hydraulic service crane utilizing the exclusive CDTpro Control System with Range Finder Technology to the marketplace. The new 14530 crane is a redesigned 14,000-lb class crane. 

With a sleek new design, the Stellar 14530 Hydraulic Service Crane features a reduced weight of about 11% (350 pounds) as compared to the previous model.

Additionally, the new design features increased strength, with a lifting capacity of 92,000 ft-lbs vs. 82,600 ft-lbs. This ultimately creates more payload for the operator while increasing utility. 

Innovative Crane Design Unleashed: Stellar's 9,000-lb to 12,000-lb Classes

Stellar has recently introduced new classes of hydraulic service cranes, weighing 9,000 lbs, 10,000 lbs, and 12,000 lbs. These cranes, including the 14530 model, showcase an innovative octagonal boom design and a more compact boom tip. These design features not only maintain crane strength but also enhance maneuverability in tighter spaces.

The entire range of redesigned cranes is equipped with Stellar CDTpro Control System featuring Range Finder Technology, setting a new standard for ergonomic precision.

Designed to Help Improve User Comfort and Operational Efficiency

This system is meticulously crafted to improve user comfort and operational efficiency. With a seamlessly operated single-handed control and proportional functionality, operators can precisely place loads while executing multiple functions simultaneously.

Moreover, a crucial safety feature includes vibration alerts signaling proximity to maximum load capacity on the job site.

The Range Finder Technology is a time-saving asset, enabling operators to assess a load's liftability without deploying the crane.

By parking the truck, walking to the load, and letting the remote calculate lifting capacity at the given distance, users can avoid unnecessary teardowns and re-setups, streamlining workflow efficiency.

“The newly redesigned 14530 Hydraulic Service Crane helps users maximize the value of their crane. Not only does it provide more payload for customers by reducing the weight of the crane, but it can also lift more. We’re excited about the new lighter, stronger 14530 crane, completing our redesign of our heavy-duty hydraulic service crane line,” said Adam Oppermann, Stellar product manager.