Gamber-Johnson's thermal tablet covers keep tablets warm and dry in harsh environments. They are ideal for warehouses or distribution centers with freezers or utility companies that use bucket trucks in snow and rain.

Tablets have a minimum operating temperature. When they are used in an environment colder than the minimum they can get sluggish, lose touch screen capabilities, or shut off completely. The Gamber-Johnson tablet cover has a thermal pad heater connected to a thermostat that begins regulating heat around the cover if the outside ambient temperature is below 40°F. 

The cover is water, dust, and UV resistant, so tablets are protected as they go from a freezer into a wet or a dry dusty environment. A clear protective screen keeps the tablet display visible so it can be interacted with using a finger or stylus. Velcro closures on the cover make it easy to open, access, or remove the tablet if it needs maintenance or recharging. 

The thermal covers come in two sizes, 8" (20.3 cm) and 10" (25.4 cm), which fit most rugged tablets including Zebra, Panasonic, and Getac. The Velcro closure on the bottom easily wraps around cords and works great for tablets using a keyboard.