KOBELCO announced an increase in the facility’s manufacturing capacity to include the latest SK350LC-10 excavator model.

The KOBELCO SK350LC-10 is among the first Generation 10 models to be produced at the new North American manufacturing facility. This KOBELCO excavator features a 270-hp Tier IV Final engine that enables the SK350LC to easily tackle heavy-duty applications and remain as one of the most powerful and fuel efficient excavators in its class, according to the manufacturer.

The SK350LC delivers a bucket digging force of 56,200 pounds. Independent travel, an exclusive KOBELCO feature, allows the SK350LC to move, lift and swing simultaneously without experiencing loss of power. The upgraded model also boasts 5% more digging volume than its predecessor and supplies up to an 18% increase fuel economy. Much of this boost in efficiency comes from a new hydraulic regeneration system which further minimizes energy loss and ensures outstanding performance. 

Transferring all that power into the job required an enhanced attachment structure for the SK350LC. The new unit provides ample power to lift the heaviest of loads and the rugged construction to stay safe while you follow through. A thicker arm base plate and redesigned boss shape improve overall stability while evenly distributing digging forces for optimum durability.

Product line offerings and capacity at the KOBELCO North American manufacturing facility will continue to be increased in accordance with market development. Models in the 20- and 35-ton weight class are currently being produced at the facility and future production plans are expected to include most KOBELCO excavator models. 

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