Power-Packer’s Hydraulic Outrigger Systems utilize a 12V electric/hydraulic pump with manifold to power down two hydraulic legs and a long power out cylinder to stabilize the rear of a utility crane or bucket lift truck.

The system incorporates dual pilot operated check valves integrated into each leg base, plus a main double blocking valve for consistent extension and retraction. The power unit has a parking brake interlock to make sure the vehicle is secure prior to stabilizing.

  • Universal mount capability for under and over the frame.
  • Hydraulic hose protection.
  • Dual pilot operated check valves.
  • Low friction slideout for outrigger.
  • Crane lift capacity up to 14,000 pounds.
  • A 36-inch outrigger extension.
  • A 20-inch leg stroke.
  • Optimized power system – motor and pump optional.
  • Optimized 2-1/4-inch bore legs for light-duty vehicles.
  • Optimized 3-inch bore legs for medium-duty vehicles.
  • System can be run off of a PTO (Power Takeoff on Engine) or a self-contained power unit.