American Eagle Accessories Group is introducing the HPI-10K Hydraulic Pressure Intensifier. The unit is used to power hydraulic tools and jacks for the tire service, utility, mechanics truck, and emergency vehicle industry. 

The American Eagle HPI–10K utilizes the hydraulic flow from a host truck or attaches to an independent hydraulic power unit. The HPI-10K produces dual circuit hydraulic flow of 0.5 GPM to 2 GPM @ 10,000 PSI to operator selected hydraulic tools. Because the HPI-10K is a dual circuit machine, operators can use a single function tool, such as a bead breaker or small ram, while also being capable of operating a dual function tool, such as a large jack or ram, which offers two ports.

Controlling the HPI-10K is done through a standard radio remote control that allows the operator to control hydraulic flow in increments of 25 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent, or 100 percent. The HPI-10K is the only hydraulic pressure intensifier on the market with a radio remote that allows the operator to adjust the flow without returning to the unit. This means the operator can stay as near or as far from the tool as they deem necessary. It also offers manual controls on the unit as well as pressure gauges showing the output pressure going to each tool.

The HPI-10K includes an independent 5-gallon reservoir with a return filter. This system design keeps tool hydraulic oil isolated from the host vehicles hydraulic system.