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Mullen is developing PowerUP at its High Energy Facility located in Fullerton, California. 

Photo: Mullen Automotive | Work Truck 

Mullen Automotive, Inc. announced the development of a zero-emissions version of PowerUP, their mobile EV charging solution. The company's Class 3 all-electric cab chassis truck will now offer this feature.

Mullen's PowerUP was first introduced in July 2023 as a mobile EV charging truck.

The new mobile charging truck delivers level 2 and 3 DC fast charging capabilities when such power is unavailable. This includes roadside assistance and emergency response, where immediate power is required for recharging electric vehicles or emergency power backup.

The new PowerUP mobile charging truck is now zero-emission, unlike the previous model, which used a gasoline Class 5 cab chassis platform and a dual-fuel (propane/natural gas) power generation unit. This change reflects Mullen's commitment to sustainable transportation solutions and aligns with the growing demand for zero-emission options in mobile EV charging.

The updated PowerUP system is a testament to Mullen's dedication to innovation. It's available with multiple platform integration and scaling options, including the Mullen THREE Class 3 cab chassis truck. This system is not just about improved charging capabilities, but also about versatility. It's designed to be a scalable battery platform that can be tailored to meet a wide range of market needs. The system's capacity can span from 10kW to 1MW and can utilize new or re-purposed battery cells.

Making it suitable for multiple applications, it features:

  • Level 3 DC fast charging
  • Off-grid AC power
  • Micro-grid connectivity

A significant advantage of the battery-powered PowerUP is its quiet operation with minimal noise pollution, unlike traditional fossil fuel-powered generators.

This benefit makes it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments like urban centers, hospitals, parking garages, campuses, and even residential areas.

Mullen PowerUP – Zero-Emissions Mobile Charging Truck

  • Vehicle:  Mullen THREE, all-electric Class 3 EV cab chassis truck
  • Peak Capacity: 160 kWh (Scalable to 1 MWh)
  • Outputs:
    • 2 X Level 3 Fast Chargers (60 kW each output)
    • 20kW (up to 160kW) 120V/240V/480V AC Output
    • 12V jumper terminals
  • Additional PowerUP Recharging Options:
    • Solar and wind off-grid power generation
    • Bi-directional 480V grid connection

"We're constantly innovating and adapting to meet the evolving needs of the industry," said David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive. "The feedback on the initial PowerUP concept was overwhelmingly positive, but the market is looking for a zero-emission solution. By leveraging our all-electric Mullen THREE, the new PowerUP delivers recharging at a higher level of scalability and performance while offering zero emissions for both the vehicle and power unit."

Mullen is developing PowerUP at its High Energy Facility in Fullerton, California. This facility is dedicated to producing the next generation of American-made EV battery packs. The expansion to include PowerUP aligns perfectly with Mullen's vision of creating a comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem in the United States.

Additionally, Mullen's acquisition of battery pack production assets from Romeo Power significantly accelerates the development of PowerUP as a battery-based mobile charging solution.

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