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Through a technical integration, the cross-fleet charging solution from bp pulse and EV Connect will offer efficiency and control to minimize energy costs and manage fleet charging operations.

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EV Connect and bp pulse have strategically collaborated to integrate key capabilities of Omega, bp pulse's EV charge management software, into the EV Connect platform. This forward-thinking integration is in anticipation of the exponential growth of electric vehicles (EVs) in fleet applications, projected to reach 5.7 million by 2025. 

Omega is tailored to meet EV fleets' diverse charging requirements and duty cycles, providing a comprehensive managed charging solution that combines cutting-edge charging management technology from EV Connect and bp pulse. This integration allows fleet operators to prioritize charging based on fleet needs, manage charging schedules, and gain real-time insights for informed decision-making, whether charging at depots, on the go, or at driver homes.

The collaboration between bp pulse and EV Connect gives fleet operators greater control over charging infrastructure, reduces costs associated with energy consumption, and provides detailed historical data for further optimization.

"At bp pulse, we remain steadfast in our mission to simplify electrification for diverse fleets, and collaborating with EV Connect on this endeavor marks an exciting milestone, expanding our scope to deliver turnkey solutions for fleet operators industry-wide," said Sujay Sharma, CEO of bp pulse Americas. "Our shared goal is to provide fleet customers with a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects of their charging needs—no matter the location. This collaboration allows us to combine our unique offerings into one cohesive platform."

Omega orchestrates EV charging to optimize cost-effective charging for fleets, while the EV Connect platform focuses on managing financial transactions, particularly in commercial fleet settings. This includes fleet operations where drivers bring vehicles home, requiring private chargers with simple reimbursement options. 

Through the integration of Omega and the EV Connect platform, fleet operators can anticipate enhanced efficiency and optimization of their charging stations. This will provide fleet managers with precise control over the timing and manner of vehicle charging, optimizing for factors such as energy cost, power constraints, vehicle readiness, and operational efficiency.

These benefits extend to sectors including:

  • Government
  • Municipal
  • Logistics
  • Services
  • Sales

"This collaboration between EV Connect and bp pulse brings unparalleled expertise in the electric vehicle charging industry, opening doors to elevate our fleet management capabilities and deliver cutting-edge solutions that set new standards for both of our customers," said Jon Leicester, Vice President and Head of Commercial at EV Connect. "By integrating our platforms, we can offer a comprehensive management solution that caters to fleet operators looking to optimize electric fleet efficiency like never before."

EV Connect is the conduit to accelerating EV charging business growth with technology and tools that drive innovation to fuel new business models in e-mobility. 

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