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Work Truck Week Postponed Until 2022

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What Can Autonomy Do for the Middle Mile?

The Gatik fleet completes autonomous middle-mile deliveries by doing a “constrained Level 4”...

The middle mile in the supply chain is ripe for efficiency gains, while its repeatable routes make it a fit for early autonomous transportation adoption. Gatik’s Sam Saad explains when, how, and why.


Test Drive: Mack’s New Medium-Duty Truck

Mack’s MD series opens new markets for the truck maker, whose customers previously had to go...

The introduction of the MD series trucks returns Mack Trucks to the medium-duty market after a 17-year hiatus. It was worth the wait. HDT's Jim Park has an industry-first test drive of the new truck.


Tips for Buying Upfits

When planning, also keep in mind the time, cost, and effort to move older components to a new...

After spec’ing vocational upfits, the second step is making the purchase. Don’t leave money on the table by making common mistakes.

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Associate Vice President, Strategic Partners

Sherry Calkins

Associate Vice President, Strategic Partners