WAUKESHA, WI Odyne Systems posted a new video showing how fleet managers can reduce operating costs and their environmental footprint, detailing the Odyne system. 

The video highlights key benefits and performance features of the Odyne advanced plug-in hybrid propulsion system, which can be applied to a wide range of new and existing commercial work vehicles.  

Matt Jarmuz, Odyne sales director, summed up the advantages of the system in the video noting, “The new Odyne system, which is lighter, smaller, more powerful and designed to be more robust for demanding work truck applications than Odyne’s previous systems, interfaces with a wide variety of truck mounted equipment to reduce fuel consumption up to 50 percent, reduce emissions and provide quieter operation at the work site."

The new hybrid power system features Remy’s HVH250 series electric motor that boasts industry leading power density and efficiency, Johnson Controls lithium-ion battery technology and other proven automotive quality components. Launch assist adds power during acceleration, climbing and turning. Regenerative braking, recharges the system while braking during drive cycles, further extending the active workday for the vehicle. The Odyne system also powers the air conditioning and heat in the cab while the engine is off at the jobsite, assuring operator comfort. The units can be retrofitted to most Class 6-8 trucks.

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