The Hino XL Series will be offered in a number of straight truck and tractor configurations.

The Hino XL Series will be offered in a number of straight truck and tractor configurations. 

Photo courtesy of Hino Trucks

Starting in the U.S. in 1984, Hino Trucks celebrated 35 years in the North American market in 2019. Building on its more than three decades of success, in Spring 2018, Hino expanded its product lineup with its all-new XL Series Class 7 and Class 8 trucks. 

Introduced at The Work Truck Show as a 2020-model-year truck, the lineup pushes the truck maker into the Class 8 market for the first time in the U.S. 

In the past year, Hino also named a new president & CEO, Shigehiro Matsuoka; announced a new safety tech partnership; and expanded its Certified Ultimate Dealer network, all while continuing to update and grow its current product line. 

“Considering our remarkable success in Class 4-7 in North America, and our growing global presence in the Class 8 market, entering the North American heavy-duty segment is the next step. Not to mention our customers and our dealer network have been asking for this for some time,” said Shigehiro Matsuoka, president and CEO of Hino Trucks North America

And with 240 dealerships nationwide and 40 Certified Ultimate U.S. dealerships, fleets around the country can access Hino’s trucks, maintenance, and solutions. 

All-New XL Series Goes Heavy-Duty

Production of the new heavy-duty trucks takes place at the Mineral Wells, W.Va., production facility, a new, 1-million-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility.

“Over the years, Hino Trucks has developed a loyal customer base, and we are excited to bring this new offering to this dedicated group as well as new markets,” said Glenn Ellis, sr. vice president of Customer Experience for Hino Trucks.

The XL Series is offered in straight truck and tractor configurations, ranging from 33,000- to 62,000-pounds gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), and can achieve maximum performance of 360 hp at 1,150 lb.-ft. of torque.

The XL7 and XL8 are powered by Hino’s A09 turbo diesel 8.9L inline six-cylinder engine with a B-10 life of 1 million miles. 

The XL Series trucks will be ideal for utility and towing fleets, among many others. 

The lineup features new active safety solutions with electronic stability control (standard on tractor) and collision mitigation systems, payload management suspension options, and a body-builder-friendly optimized design.

Fleets can choose from several available options to fully customize the truck for their needs, including a 6x4 tandem drive axle, multiple spring and air suspension options, and an optional 5th wheel.

Additionally, the truck features a 50-gallon fuel tank, but can be optioned with dual 50-gallon tanks, a single 90-gallon tank, or single 120-gallon tank. 

WABCO will provide Hino with its latest-generation braking control technology and a range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for Hino Trucks’ XL Series. 

The technologies include WABCO’s modular braking system platform (mBSP) to enable anti-lock braking (ABS), ESCsmart electronic stability control, and products from its suite of ADAS technologies. Hino will offer its new XL7 and XL8 trucks with Wabco’s breakthrough OnGuardACTIVE collision mitigation system onboard, as well as the OnLaneALERT lane departure warning system.

The Hino XL7 and XL8 models are powered by Hino’s A09 turbodiesel 8.9L inline six-cylinder engine.

The Hino XL7 and XL8 models are powered by Hino’s A09 turbodiesel 8.9L inline six-cylinder engine.

Photo courtesy of Hino Trucks

Continuing the Medium-Duty Focus

The traditional cabover market is still strong for the truck maker. In 2015, Hino introduced its Class 4 cabover model, which according to the automaker has achieved close to 20% market share since its launch.

Moving forward, Hino continues to focus on the Class 4-7 medium-duty market. 

For 2020, the truck maker will continue to offer: 

  • Hino Cabover models: 155 and 155DC; Hybrid models 195h and 195hDC. 
  • Hino Conventional Truck models: 238, 258ALP, 258LP, 268, 268A, and 338.

Abundance of Tech

One of the largest truck makers in the world, according to the company, Hino continues to offer its Hino Insight platform. Fleet managers are provided instant access to business intelligence and remote diagnostics with case management. This helps increase overall driver efficiency, increase profits and reducing downtime and operating costs. 

Hino Insight is a telematics solution that monitors idle times, heavy braking, speed, location, distance traveled, and more. Insight Remote Diagnostics alerts fleet managers, dealers, and Hino in the event of a diagnostic trouble code (DTC), informing the driver and fleet manager of the next steps to take and how urgent the issue is.

Expanding the Certified Dealer Network

In early 2019, Hino also expanded its Certified Ultimate dealer network with the addition of 14 new locations. The network now features more than 40 Certified Ultimate U.S. dealerships of the total 240 Hino dealers nationwide.

Creating an effective dealer network requires significant investments by both Hino and a Certified dealer. In addition to hardware and tooling, they also include continuous improvements in processes, training, and dealership appearance. 

Naming a New North American President & CEO

Hino Trucks appointed Matsuoka as president and chief executive officer of Hino North America effective Feb. 1, 2019. Matsuoka succeeds Yoshinori Noguchi, who will step down after his tenure as president and CEO of North America’s medium- and heavy-duty truck manufacturer.

Matsuoka joined Hino in 1981 and has held various overseas assignments in his 38-year career with the truck maker. Most recently, he was responsible for total support strategy and technical solutions, aftersales service, parts operations, and global production and parts logistics divisions for Hino Motors Limited. 

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