Command Alkon, a provider of integrated supply chain technology solutions for Heavy Building Materials, discusses that the industry is ripe for digitization. Digital technologies provide greater value to companies by eliminating paper-based processes and allowing real-time visibility and more effective collaboration across the many stakeholders who make up the construction community.  

“No longer can construction businesses expect to grow by using paper-based processes to run their operations,” said Alex Moody, strategic sales manager at Command Alkon. “Simply doing things the old way with paper and pencil is no longer acceptable. Undergoing a digital transformation can streamline your organization, leading to higher profits and better customer service.”

The Heavy Building Materials (HBM) industry has unique challenges for contractors, haulers, producers, and suppliers with added complexities ranging from new tariffs on building materials, higher customer expectations, and increased regulations and compliances. Paper-based processes slow the job cycle, leading to unhappy customers, missed deliveries, and untimely payments.

Processes involving ordering, delivery, and payment of materials can be automated to drive efficiencies, giving visibility to all stakeholders. Command Alkon’s BuildIt solution provides a shared, common platform to digitally capture information that can be analyzed, inform what is happening, and drive continual improvements.

Three of the many contributing factors driving the change to digitization in the Construction industry include:

  • Finances – Subcontractors are worried that they are constantly in jeopardy of not getting paid. Making sure there is proof of work through photos and documentation helps prevent this problem.
  • Retirements – Thousands of baby boomers retire each day. This is especially concerning because 54%construction managers are baby boomers. In the past, it may have been difficult to implement new software solutions because of familiarity with historical practices. New technologies disrupt the status quo, which can be frightening.
  • Safety and Risk – Construction work is dangerous. Ensuring employees follow strict safety procedures is always good practice, and implementing technologies also combats injury. Digital solutions offer more than paperless processes. For example, truck tracking and telematics can reduce distracted driving, read and interpret diagnostic trouble codes, and ensure the vehicle is safe.

Moving away from paper will allow real-time information sharing, better collaboration and unlimited paper trails to better manage audits and quality control in the heavy building materials industry.

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