Continental's VDO RoadLog electronic logging device is now compatible with older trucks using pre-diagnostic port technology, as well as current models.

The company says many current electronic logging devices are compatible only with 9-pin and 6-pin wiring port configurations. VDO RoadLog ELD can be connected to late-model trucks, as well as those that pre-date J1708 and J1939 can bus. The broader options offered by VDO RoadLog allows drivers of older vehicles to be ready for the implementation of ELD regulations in 2015, and fleets to use one electronic log system for both older trucks and those with current technology.

In addition to offering options in wiring compatibility, VDO RoadLog features a flexible software design that can be updated as HOS and electronic log regulations continue to evolve, ensuring that fleets are always in compliance with the most up to date regulations.

“You can be sure that RoadLog has you covered, yesterday, today and tomorrow," says Jeff Waterstreet, sales nanager for VDO RoadLog. “RoadLog is also the only electronic logging device on the market with a self-contained, on-board thermal printer that can automatically produce a paper log to help drivers get through inspection stops quickly.”

RoadLog combines GPS data with input from the vehicle to create a digital log that the driver can either download or print out as needed.

VDO RoadLog is one of the first stand-alone ELDs offered in North America, providing an affordable, easy to use, plug and play solution for compliance reporting, Continental says.

Originally posted on Trucking Info