Driver Trucking includes an AI model which runs on facial recognition filters.  -  Photo: Driver Technologies/Work Truck

Driver Trucking includes an AI model which runs on facial recognition filters.

Photo: Driver Technologies/Work Truck

Driver Technologies, an AI-based mobility tech company that delivers a safer driving experience, has launched Driver Trucking, the first fully cloud-based video solution for commercial vehicles.

The new Driver Trucking service will provide fleets with a dedicated smartphone device, pre-configured in Kiosk Mode, for employees to run a no-touch version of Driver’s top-rated dash cam and safety alert app.

The device has an unlimited data plan, so once installed, the camera will auto-start and auto-stop recording when taking a trip and automatically upload the full video to the Driver Cloud for remote viewing. 

Driver Trucking solution Features

The new Driver Trucking solution includes: 

  • All basic Driver App features, including unlimited trip recordings, auto-start and stop recording functionality, maps and telematics integration, and auto-delete video capabilities. 
  • Driver Cloud allows users to access cloud storage capabilities with unlimited trip uploads and an unlimited lookback window of your fleet’s trip history. Trips are then easily accessed through the app or any web browser. Users and fleet managers can choose to share their driving videos, AI analysis, safety warnings and location with interested parties such as employers, insurers and family members.
  • Forward collision warnings provide audio and visual alerts when you’re getting too close to the object in front by detecting objects in your external camera’s view, but have taken the feature one step further by temporarily elevating its sensitivity when distracted.
  • Safety without spying, includes our AI model, which runs on device using industry-leading facial recognition filters, provides internal safety warnings to alert the driver if they are exhibiting drowsy or distracted behaviors without ever recording the video. 
  • Driver Score provides a road safety score to drivers after 10 hours of driving and coaching along the way to promote good driving habits and visualize your progress as a better driver.
  • Set up materials to get each truck driver onboarded in 10 minutes, including charging cables, OBDII port adaptors, and a Driver Cooling Mount, which is Driver’s dashcam mount designed as an all-in-one phone holder and cooling system.