The NXT40 incorporates a universal body latching system. - Photo: Stellar Industries/Work Truck

The NXT40 incorporates a universal body latching system.

Photo: Stellar Industries/Work Truck

Stellar Industries has introduced a new NXT40 Hooklift.

This strong but lightweight unit is capable of loading, unloading, and dumping various truck bodies.

The NXT40 is the latest telescopic hooklift in the NXT Series and features a Z-channel base design and a universal body latching system.

Stellar's Low-Profile Tandem Axle Hoist

Manufactured in the United States, the NXT40 is a hoist with a 40,000-pound capacity designed for tandem axle chassis.

Featuring a 54/61.75" hook height and a rectangular-style secondary jib, this unit boasts an industry-leading low profile with approximately a 10.5" lost load height. Stellar's design ensures a lower vertical center of gravity, accommodating subframe heights as low as 6".

NXT40's Air and Remote Controls Set the Standard

The NXT Series hooklifts, including the NXT40, incorporate a universal body latching system. This system's outside locks are fully flexible and can be adjusted by loosening, repositioning, and then tightening the clamp bolts.

This unique flexibility eliminates the need for cutting off locks, rewelding, or repainting, allowing users to customize the body lock locations as needed.

In addition to the universal latching system, the NXT40 features a universal hydraulic reservoir. This reservoir can be strategically mounted in different positions on the unit, addressing any potential interference with chassis items and eliminating the need for workarounds.

Versatile Features for Workers

For efficient operation, the NXT40 comes equipped with either air controls or electronic radio remote controls. These systems offer proportional operation, enabling precise control in various scenarios.

A notable feature of the NXT Series is the radio remote control, allowing unit operation from either the chassis cab or outside of the cab.

While the series will initially be introduced with air controls, the radio remote control option is set to be released in early 2024.

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