Asset Gateway Mini is a compact design that is coupled with full integration into the AI-powered Motive platform.  -  Photo: Motive

Asset Gateway Mini is a compact design that is coupled with full integration into the AI-powered Motive platform.

Photo: Motive

Motive launched its Asset Gateway Mini (AG Mini), a smaller and more versatile addition to the company’s comprehensive Equipment Monitoring solution portfolio.

AG Mini gives fleet managers visibility and control of their assets via its small and easily deployable design coupled with full integration into the AI-powered Motive platform. 

Its compact design is versatile and discreet, enabling you to track the location, utilization, and health of all your equipment in a single integrated platform.

Whether it’s powered machinery like excavators and forklifts or smaller unpowered items like portable toilets and toolboxes, allowing visibility and control.

Eliminate manual check-ins, reposition underused assets, prevent theft and loss, and minimize equipment downtime by keeping every piece visible and accessible.

Location Updates for High-Volume Inventories

The Asset Gateway Mini provides unique cable- and battery-powered options in a single device, ideal for companies who need occasional location updates for high-volume inventories, where cabling isn’t an option.

The battery lasts for five years at two GPS pings per day. And for real-time visibility, you can cable in assets to gain insights into location and telematics, providing utilization insights that enable the repositioning of underused assets and automated client billing.

Fleet managers can easily track inventory within specific geographical boundaries, while real-time preventive maintenance alerts notify managers which equipment is due for scheduled maintenance to help avoid more expensive repairs.

Maximize Security to Reduce Theft

The compact size of the Asset Gateway Mini enhances its security, making it harder for thieves to find and remove.

Real-time geofence alerts provide immediate insights into unexpected asset movements, which are critical to fast-tracking the search for stolen or missing equipment.

Locate My Asset, coming in early 2024, helps you instantly locate missing assets and plan for capacity with on-demand location requests. 

Designed in-house by Motive’s product engineering team, the Asset Gateway Mini comes with a five-year warranty and was built to perform in harsh conditions. Devices undergo stringent testing and quality controls, covering everything from extreme temperature ranges, gravel bombardment, and high-pressure water sprays.