Motive has issued over 35,000 cards to customers since April 2022. - Photo: Motie/Work Truck

Motive has issued over 35,000 cards to customers since April 2022.

Photo: Motie/Work Truck

Since launching the Motive Card in April 2022, Motive, the only fully unified Integrated Operations Platform, has issued over 35,000 cards delivering customers up to 10% in savings through operational efficiency gains, fuel and maintenance discounts, and telematics-backed fraud reduction.

Motive chose, the global modern card issuing platform, as its fleet card issuer because of its ability to integrate fleet payments seamlessly into the Motive platform where customers are already managing their fleet.

Motive's All-in-One Platform Enhances Control and Efficiency

The Motive platform integrates in one solution:

  • Driver Safety.
  • Fleet Management.
  • Spend Management.
  • Equipment Monitoring.

This comprehensive approach gives customers visibility and control over their operations while streamlining tasks through automation.

Motive caters to a diverse customer base, spanning over 120,000 clients across various sectors such as transportation and logistics, construction, energy, field service, manufacturing, agriculture, food and beverage, retail, and the public sector.

“We launched the Motive Card because our customers lacked 360-degree visibility across their fleet management and spend management providers,” said Hemant Banavar, Head of Financial Products at Motive. “For the first time ever, safety, operations, and finance teams can manage their drivers, vehicles, equipment, and fleet-related spend in a single system and benefit from cost-saving insights delivered through shared data. As a result, they’re reducing hours of manual work, saving up to 7% per vehicle through enhanced productivity, reducing fuel and maintenance spend by up to 5%, and could save up to 5% per vehicle by reducing previously missed fraud. These savings add up whether you’re managing a fleet of 50 vehicles or 5,000 vehicles.”

AI-Powered Tools Transform Fleet Spending

“We’re seeing the shift to embedded finance powering the future of fleet payments, meeting the needs of modern teams and workers through smarter payment tools. Marqeta enables companies like Motive to own and optimize their customer’s experience from end-to-end, thanks to our highly flexible and customizable platform,” said Todd Pollak, Chief Revenue Officer, Marqeta.  

By harnessing the capabilities of Marqeta's embedded finance platform, Motive enables finance teams to exercise complete authority over their fleet-related expenditures.

This is accomplished through AI-powered tools that detect and prevent fraud and identify inefficient transactions.

Additionally, Motive offers substantial cost savings on fuel, maintenance, and other business expenses. The Motive Card, operating on the Mastercard network, can be used for payments related to fuel, maintenance, and other operational costs wherever Mastercard is accepted.

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