Boyer fleet and staff at Houston Freedom DNG station. (PHOTO: NAT G)

Boyer fleet and staff at Houston Freedom DNG station. (PHOTO: NAT G)

Boyer, Inc., christened its fleet of 21 new natural gas vehicles at an event held at the Freedom CNG station in Houston. These new additions to the Boyer fleet were provided by Sean Kuziv of Glesby Marks and include GM 2500 service vans, and Ford F-250 and F-550 trucks.

Boyer’s fleet includes more than 70 diesel and gasoline vehicles ranging from F-250’s up to Class 8 tractor trailers.The event included a presentation of the upgraded fleet, fueling demonstration, and was open to the public.

CEO Mark Boyer explained, “It was not a hard decision and was the right thing to do for us financially and fundamentally. We just took delivery of 21 brand new bi-fuel trucks and have plans to convert the entire fleet in the next three years.” 

Boyer is also in the planning stages of building their first public CNG fueling station at the Boyer facility in northwest Houston.

The fleet was upgraded by Houston-based Nat G CNG Solutions, which specializes in upgrading vehicles to run on natural gas and provides natural gas fueling solutions to fleet customers. All of the Boyer vehicles are bi-fuel, meaning they will run on either natural gas or gasoline.

“Mark Boyer is an industry leader,” explained Balu Balagopal, co-CEO of Nat G, “We are pleased to be partnering with him to help make his fleet more environmentally friendly and more cost effective.”