Odyne Systems, LLC, has won The NTEA Work Truck Show 2013 Green Award for an advanced hybrid commercial vehicle it developed with Chicago-based ComEd.

The Work Truck Show 2013, held March 6−8 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis showcased the latest commercially viable hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. Odyne used the event to introduce a walk-in van,equipped with a plug-in hybrid system providing electrical power from a large advanced battery system. The batteries can be recharged for uninterrupted extended operations at the worksite by the chassis engine, or through cleaner energy from the grid. The new hybrid system provides benefits during driving and stationary operations by reducing fuel consumption, emissions and worksite noise.

Designed for ComEd’s underground electrical maintenance work in Chicago, the van is built on a chassis from Freightliner Custom Chassis utilizing a Utilimaster walk-in van body and Team Fenex manhole air delivery system. The vehicle can be parked above a manhole to provide workers below with all their electrical needs, plus cooled or heated fresh air. According to the company, the system significantly reduces chassis engine idling and delivers over 14 kW of power for tools and other applications without the need for a separate diesel generator.

The Odyne system utilizes an Allison 2000 series fully automatic transmission, Remy electric motor and Johnson Controls lithium-ion battery packs. When the van is being driven, hybrid components provide launch assist and regenerative braking, for improved performance and higher efficiency, according to Odyne. The Odyne plug-in hybrid system is the only hybrid electric system designed to operate with an Allison 2000 series transmission. Its parallel hybrid configuration interfaces with the vehicle’s existing drivetrain, allowing for cost-effective installation while fully retaining the transmission warranty.

The Green Award is presented annually to the Work Truck Show product that best advances work truck fuel utilization as determined by a panel of trade media editors and fleet managers.