Recalls have been announced for the 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra, 2023 Ford F-150, 2018-2021...

Recalls have been announced for the 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra, 2023 Ford F-150, 2018-2021 International HV, and more.

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There were several recalls announced over the past couple of weeks, both big and small.

The major recalls are from manufacturers such as Toyota, Navistar, and Ford. And there are smaller recalls from Xos, Lordstown EV, and Ford.

  • Toyota is recalling the structure of certain 2022-2023 Tundra and Tundra Hybrid vehicles. They may be equipped with a Toyota genuine accessory tonneau cover. The tonneau cover attachment joints may come loose and allow the cover to detach. If owners have their vehicles equipped with the covers, they are instructed to remove them until remedied.
  • The engine and engine cooling of certain Navistar 2022-2024 International HV and International MV trucks are recalled. When the parking brake is applied, the automatic transmission is still in the drive or reverse position, and the stationary power take-off switch is engaged by the operator, the engine may rev and overcome the parking brake's ability to keep the vehicle from moving. The Cummins ECM software needs to be updated at the dealership.  
  • The Navistar vehicles — 2018-2021 International HV, 2019-2021 International RH, 2019-2022 International MV, and 2022 International HX — could possibly have a parking brake that does not hold properly. A software error in the Body Control Module may allow the vehicle to overcome the park brake during power-take-off operation. The BCM software will need updating.
  • Ford recalled certain 2023 Transit vehicles equipped with the Special Vehicle Operations Accessory Service Kit #1 or #2 with a High Specification Vehicle Interface Connector because of potential driver visibility problems. When the accessory kit is installed, the auxiliary wire harness will disable the heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation including the defrost and defog systems. The auxiliary wire harness will need to be inspected and repaired if necessary.

Smaller Recalls

  • Certain Xos 2021 RM01, SA01, and 2021-2022 SV05 vehicles are recalled for potential loose bolts. The bolts connecting the electronic parking brake rotor to the driveshaft may have been improperly tightened. The dealer will replace the bolts and related hardware.
  • The 2023 Ford F-150 vehicle has been recalled for a possible fractured pinion. The front axle pinion may not have been heat-treated, which can cause it to fracture and have a loss of 4-wheel drive. The front axle pinion gear set will be replaced.
  • Xos has recalled certain equipment of 2021-2022 SV05 Stepvan vehicles. The tire and loading information label has an incorrect front gross axle weight rating. This could lead to unintentional overloading of the vehicle. Xos will mail replacement labels to owners.
  • Lordstown recalled the electric park brake (EPB) of certain 2023 Endurance vehicles. The EPB caliper washers may prematurely wear, decreasing the clamping performance of the EPB. The dealers will replace the EPB.
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