2023 Ram 2500 vehicles, Ford 2023 F-150 vehicles, and more have been recalled.

2023 Ram 2500 vehicles, Ford 2023 F-150 vehicles, and more have been recalled.

Photo: Ford/Chrysler/Work Truck

Work Truck’s next recall roundup features recalls from Paccar Incorporated, Chrysler, Ford, and Proterra Operating Company vehicles.

  • The service brakes of Paccar’s 2021-2024 Kenworth T280, T380, T480, Peterbilt 536, 537, and 548 vehicles have been recalled. When the brake pedal is fully applied and then released rapidly, the pedal plunger that connects the brake pedal to the brake valve may become disconnected, causing the service brakes to fail. Paccar stated the remedy is currently under development. 
  • Chrysler has recalled certain 2021-2023 Ram 1500 and 2023 Ram 2500 vehicles. The trailer reverse steering control module (TRSCM) may prevent the rearview image from displaying when the vehicle is placed in reverse. A rearview image that does not display while in reverse decreases the driver's visibility of the rearview, increasing the risk of injury or crash. The TRSCM software will be updated at the dealership.
  • The airbag on Ford 2023 F-150 vehicles have been recalled. The instrument panel top cover on the passenger side may prevent the airbag from deploying as intended and cause a crash. The passenger instrument panel top cover needs to be replaced.
  • Proterra Operating Company has recalled certain 2020-2022 35" Catalyst, 35" ZX5, and 40" ZX5 vehicles. The windshield wiper motors may operate intermittently or may fail to operate. Inoperative windshield wipers can reduce visibility in certain driving conditions, increasing the risk of a crash. The wiper motors will need to be replaced.
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