-  Photo: Mack Trucks/Work Truck

Photo: Mack Trucks/Work Truck

The University Endowment Lands has purchased a Mack LR Electric refuse vehicle from Mack Trucks. The new truck will help the entity with residential collection in the University Endowment Lands.

The University Endowment Lands is an unincorporated area west of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, adjacent to the University of British Columbia and administered by the Provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

“The purchase of the Mack LR Electric refuse vehicle by the University Endowment Lands is evidence that the LR Electric is delivering what customers come to expect from a Mack truck, whether diesel or electric,” said Jonathan Randall, president of Mack Trucks North America. “The Mack LR Electric is a quiet, zero-emissions vehicle that promotes sustainability. We look forward to working with the University Endowment Lands as they continue to electrify their fleet.”

Why the Mack LR Electric for Universary Endowment Lands

The Mack LR Electric will operate in a residential setting, with a goal of collecting from about 220 stops each collection day. The LR Electric, delivered to the University Endowment Lands on Jan. 11, 2023, is equipped with an automated side loader.

“I am excited to see the University Endowment Lands buy a leading-edge, fully-electric garbage truck,” said Anne Kang, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “To meet our ambitious zero emission vehicle mandate by 2040, we’re encouraging other local governments in the province to pursue zero emissions fleet vehicles for their communities as well.”

The next generation Mack LR Electric, launched in March 2022, offers the following features and benefits:

  • Standard 376 kWh total battery capacity for 42% more energy and increased range between vehicle charges.
  • Twin electric motors produce 448 continuous horsepower and 4,051 lb.-ft. of peak torque output from zero RPM.
  • Four NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide) lithium-ion batteries, charged through a 150 kW, SAE J1772-compliant charging system, power the vehicle and all onboard accessories through 12V, 24V and 600V circuits.
  • The two-stage regenerative braking system helps recapture energy from the hundreds of stops the vehicle makes each day with an increasing load.

The University Endowment Lands operates 16 vehicles in its fleet. The Mack LR Electric refuse model is the first Mack vehicle in the fleet. Pacific Coast Heavy Truck in Langley, British Columbia, Canada will service and support the Mack LR Electric vehicle.

The University Endowment Lands installed a DC electric charger and related electrical equipment in a new shelter to support its electrification efforts. The entity plans to add solar panels to the shelter’s roof to offset additional electrical demand.

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