Why partner? A significant reduction in  the downtime of electric vehicles (EVs).  -  Photo: Work Truck/Amerit Fleet Solutions

Why partner? A significant reduction in  the downtime of electric vehicles (EVs).

Photo: Work Truck/Amerit Fleet Solutions

Amerit Fleet Solutions and Voltera are entering a strategic partnership to help provide comprehensive mobile fleet maintenance support onsite at electric vehicle (EV) charging sites Voltera builds for its clients. Voltera develops and operates electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities as a full-service turnkey solution for clients and Amerit Fleet Solutions is a provider of EV fleet maintenance solutions. 

According to a release, Voltera’s partnership with Amerit includes inspections, maintenance, and technical support, performed on location as vehicles are charging in Voltera’s charging sites nationwide. This is one of many amenities and services that can be added as Voltera builds EV infrastructure for its clients, helping to minimize fleet downtime and improve fleet operations.

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“The benefit of integrating services with Voltera’s charging locations is the significant reduction in downtime of the EVs. By providing services at the location where the EV will be charging we eliminate the time and effort in taking the vehicle off site and off its route for service. Amerit techs will maintain the vehicles at the site, which provides optimal uptime for Voltera customers,” Bob Brauer, CCO for Amerit Fleet Solutions told Work Truck in an interview. 

The Growth of Electrification in Work Truck Fleets 

Work truck fleets are looking toward electrification more than ever before, whether due to mandates, reduced emissions goals, or the simply draw of the new lineup of electric trucks available today. 

One of the benefits of electric vehicles is their increased connectivity and the ability to enhance the data available about your fleet. This helps increase overall fleet uptime but it can be even better.  Voltera has been working hard to make that happen. 

Matt Horton, CEO for Voltera, shared with Work Truck what vocational truck fleets can benefit from:

“At Voltera, we architect our sites to ensure availability (uptime) at the site level, including through hardware redundancy. What’s important is that customers can get charged up when they need, as fast as they need. At the same time, we are working with partners like Amerit to ensure maximum vehicle uptime. This partnership allows our customers to focus on their business objectives and not downtime,” Horton said.  

In addition, Amerit’s EV Ready Technician Program ensures technicians have undergone extensive training and are certified to perform necessary maintenance and repair on the newest electric vehicles across a broad range of OEMs. According to the maintenance provider, specially trained technicians are essential for EVs, which have different safety, inspection, and maintenance requirements than traditional vehicles. Fleet operators will gain significant benefits, like increased uptime, safety and reliability, when this service is packaged as part of the charging facility. 

“We’re happy to partner with Voltera and simplify the maintenance and support of Electric Fleet Vehicles by bringing comprehensive services directly to their charging depots.” said Dan Williams, CEO of Amerit Fleet Solutions “Amerit will continue to execute on its industry-leading EV fleet support program, which alleviates the burden and complexity of maintaining these complex vehicles and ensures maximum uptime. ”  

As noted, the number of electric work trucks available to fleets and be adopted by fleets, from utility fleet operations to delivery fleets and just about everything in between is growing. But it's not a simple task to swap out or your internal combusion engine (ICE) vehicles for electric. There is infrastructure, operational changes, maintenance differences, and more.

As a turnkey solution provider, Voltera helps businesses rapidly scale EV fleets, without investing significant time and upfront capital on EV chargers, hardware, and related infrastructure. According to Voltera, it  accomplishes this by managing site selection, site acquisition, power procurement, facility design and construction, charging hardware and software deployment, operations, and maintenance.

The company provides EV charging facilities as a service, shouldering the capital investment expense so customers can instead focus capital on their operations. According to a recent release, Voltera is on track to fund construction and operation of billions of dollars of EV charging facilities serving many types of businesses, including the drayage, regional haul, short haul, last mile delivery, ride hailing, and autonomous transportation sectors.  

Did you know, that in April 2022, Amerit Fleet Solutions announced it will be trained and certified to ZEVx standards for the Athena program, which provides combustion engine to electric conversion and on-going support of light-duty and smaller medium-duty Class 2-4 commercial vehicles.

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