Most respondents (81%) work in fleets with less than 100 trucks.

Most respondents (81%) work in fleets with less than 100 trucks. 

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The J. J. Keller Center for Market Insights released its second Transport Industry Study, "The State of Fleet Management — Insights on Today’s Fleet Manager."

Fielded in February 2022, the survey included fleet managers with job responsibilities ranging from compliance management to dispatch and training. Most respondents (81%) work in fleets with less than 100 trucks. 

Study highlights:

  • Fleet managers’ stressors include struggles to stay FMCSA compliant, not having leadership support, and managing overall safety.
  • Seventy-seven percent (77%) of respondents struggle with recordkeeping. 
  • Eighty-seven percent (87%) of those surveyed expressed that their job is “moderately” to “extremely challenging.”

The study also found three FMCSA compliance area challenges:

  1. Recordkeeping: having all files in one place, accurate, and organized.
  2. Visibility: ensuring drivers are complying with the correct HOS limits, and knowing when and which drivers are non-compliant.
  3. Knowledge: staying up to date with regulatory changes and understanding how those changes impact the business.

“Managing a fleet is like solving a 3-D puzzle that’s constantly moving," said Josh Lovan, J. J. Keller industry business advisor. "To stay in the game, you need accurate fleet data and a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the FMCSRs. These systems provide data and visibility to what’s happening in your fleet so that you can make good operational decisions as swiftly as possible and mitigate risk. But finding a FMS provider who knows the rules and can provide support is key.”

According to the study, 45% of fleet managers agree that their company is “completely” or “mostly” focused on “solutions that improve the bottom line/profitability.”

It also showed fleet managers want leaders to consistently show that safety is important (51%) and prioritize safety above all else in decision-making (44%).

 “We applaud fleet managers’ work ethic and unwavering safety commitment to make highways and workplaces safer for all. It’s important work," said Wendy Blezek Fleming, customer and market insights manager.

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