CINCINNATI – AMP Electric Vehicles and Navistar International Corporation have announced the successful initial testing of an all-electric, 1,000-cubic foot step van as the first fruits of their development agreement.

Electric trucks help reduce fuel consumption, noise pollution, and CO2 emissions, and work well for the stop-and-start nature of urban delivery vehicles.

The electric vehicles built under this agreement are designed for 100 miles of range on a single charge and have a maximum gross vehicle weight of 19,500 lbs. The electrification architecture is based on the AMP platform, and has been engineered to be suitable for both re-powering of existing diesel vehicles in a fleet, as well as new vehicles that may be ordered by fleets in the future.

 “With the ever-rising diesel prices, powering heavy-duty commercial vehicles to be all-electric is a solution for today,” said Steve Burns, AMP CEO. “Navistar leads the way in this effort, and road-ready, electric fleet vehicles like the ones we are designing and producing on this project are a great fit for heavy-duty urban delivery vehicles.”

Editors Note: The original news item was titled "AMP Delivers Heavy-Duty Electric Step Van." At 19,500 lbs. GVWR, this vehicle is a medium-duty electric step van, per confirmation from AMP.