WAKARUSA, IN - The Utilimaster Corporation, a subsidiary of Spartan Motors, Inc., announced two methods of alternative-fuel conversion - a new modification center and in-field conversions. The new modification center is located adjacent to the Spartan Motors plant located in Charlotte, Mich., where the Isuzu NPR-HD (gasoline-powered) is assembled. The modification center performs both compressed natural gas (CNG) and propane autogas (LPG) fuel conversions. The in-field conversions can be performed across the United States by the Utilimaster Field Services organization. These solutions were conceived to meet the needs of the Isuzu Dealers and their vocational customers.

"This announcement embodies our approach of defining solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. For those customers that define their alternative fuel needs early on in the purchase process, performing the CNG and LPG conversions adjacent to the Spartan assembly plant provides them one point of release. In cases where the Isuzu dealer has existing inventory or their customer desires an on-site conversion, our Utilimaster Field Services organization can perform the modifications at the local Isuzu dealer or at the customer's place of business," said John Forbes, president, Utilimaster Corporation. "Situations driving implementation by our Field Services Team can take many forms. For example, the state of Illinois is currently offering a $4,000 propane autogas rebate for each vehicle. This considerably accelerates the payback for the alternative fuel conversion to two years."

The announcement was made today at the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, Calif.

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