MINNEAPOLIS - XATA Corporation, a fleet optimization software and services company, announced that Winn-Dixie will use XATA's XATANET solution and fleet management applications to optimize its delivery fleet, which serves the grocer's 515 stores located throughout the southeastern United States.

XATA will help Winn-Dixie further reduce its operating costs by leveraging XATANET's extensive fleet reporting capabilities for increased real-time and trending visibility. In addition, fleet managers and drivers will have easy access to fleet information and product delivery data through the use of XATANET, which will run on Motorola MC75 handheld devices provided by Stratix.

"One key differentiator that made XATA stand out is its capability to run XATANET on various platforms and hardware devices," said Chris Scott, group vice president of logistics and distribution for Winn-Dixie. "The product's functionality as well as the insight we will gain from our fleet were key factors in our decision-making process."

"We think that actionable data and Fleet Performance Management reporting is crucial for fleet management technology, and we're confident that Winn-Dixie will benefit from the applications and flexibility we've built into our technology," said David Gagne, executive vice president, field operations, XATA Corporation. "Our increased presence in to the retail food industry proves our commitment to providing the best technology to help customers get the job done."