TACOMA, WA - Pay Portal is designed for day delivery fleets that pay by the hour, not long haul.  The system gives employers the opportunity to control costs and carefully manage payroll expenses by ensuring accuracy in payroll hours.

Pay Portal comes in a single box and is easy to install. The software is self-contained and does not interfere with general ledger payroll software. Existing business rules stay in place and few back office changes are required.

Sold over the Internet, lawn care fleets, ready mix, and petroleum tanker fleets have already reported savings, according to the company. Stephen Nielsen, president of Holroyd Company, Inc. (Tacoma, Wash.) said, "We've operated a fleet of trucks for over 50 years and this is the best beginning- end-of-day yard time management tool we've used."

Using a special type of RFID reader mounted to an entrance gate pole that reads tags on a truck, the PayPortal system is long range and directional without a back lobe. When a truck crosses the line, the time is precisely taken. Pre-agreed additional minutes to put the truck away are added, and a final pay time is produced.  

Greg Stewart, founder, and former fleet operator says the system is complementary with GPS and cellphone methods. This is due to the producting removing time stamping from employee hands.

According to Stewart, the system has been approved by Nevada Labor and Industries. For more information, visit www.Allaura.com.