In less than five minutes, a driver can de-ice trailer brakes.  -  Photo: Milton Industries

In less than five minutes, a driver can de-ice trailer brakes.

Photo: Milton Industries

Milton Industries’ new Brake Releaser propels de-icing fluid into heavy-duty truck trailer brake lines, releasing frozen brakes in minutes.

The tool can be used during hook-ups, at truck stops, or roadside to reduce downtime and save the expense of an emergency service call.

With the Brake Releaser, a driver can deliver air line de-icing fluid to the trailer in minutes — quicker, easier, and without the danger, mess, and downtime of other outdated methods. The tool connects via standard glad hand couplers and works on dry vans, flatbeds, dump trucks, refrigerated trailers, and more. 

Moisture in trailer brake lines can freeze at winter temperatures, locking up brakes. Even drivers who diligently drain their air tanks may find themselves hauling trailers last carried by a driver who didn’t.

 “I was coming out of Indianapolis in whiteout conditions. My trailer froze as I was driving and I jackknifed, almost killing a state trooper,” said Bob Allen career truck driver and inventor of the Brake Releaser. “That experience inspired me to create the Brake Releaser.”

“Our product team incorporated market input and Milton’s extensive experience with air systems to refine Bob’s invention and create this turbo-boosting de-icer delivery system,” said Milton Industries President & CEO Greg Carlson. “The new Brake Releaser is designed and engineered to save time, money and hopefully lives.”

In less than five minutes, a user can de-ice trailer brakes by:

  1. Attaching the Brake Releaser to the red emergency line.
  2. Filling the reservoir with de-icing fluid
  3. Activating the emergency line air flow button in the cab.
  4. Removing the Brake Releaser and re-attaching the red emergency line.