Top Work Truck Articles in 2018

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The 2018 calendar-year featured a number of new truck launches. Fleet managers continue to look for ways to reduce costs through improved spec'ing and fuel management, as well as continue their interest in the lease vs. own debate. 

Here are the top 10 most-viewed articles from 2018 on (as of Dec. 20, 2018):

  1. 8 Challenges Upfitting Light- & Medium-Duty Trucks. Correctly upfitting a work truck ensures it can accomplish the job it is required to do. It's important that fleet managers understand the challenges inherent in upfitting. By Lauren Fletcher 
  2. 3 Proven Fuel-Saving Strategies for Truck Fleets. With fuel prices on the rise, there’s no better time to refocus on fuel economy. Here are three things that nearly any fleet can focus on to drive up fuel savings fast. By Jack Roberts
  3. Should Fleets Own or Lease Trucks? More fleets are looking more closely at all their options, from outright ownership to finance leasing to full-service leasing, even opting to own some trucks while leasing others. By David Cullen
  4. Economics of Vans vs. Pickups. A renaissance in the van segment means operators of vocational fleets have more choices than ever before, but the right selection requires an analysis that starts with the application, continues with the cost of ownership, and ends with the driver. By Tariq Kamal
  5. How to Spec a Truck Chassis & Suspension. Once you clearly understand the requirements of your truck fleet, properly spec’ing chassis and suspension needs isn’t difficult and can result in increased productivity and cost savings. By Lauren Fletcher 
  6. 2019 Ford Ranger's Fleet Prospects. After more than seven years away from the North American market, the Ford Ranger is making a comeback. While developing the new midsize pickup, Ford listened to feedback from commercial fleets. By Eric Gandarilla
  7. How to Optimize Truck Routing. Vehicle routing is a challenging, yet key component in many vocational truck fleets. Optimizing routes is especially important for delivery and service fleets.  By Lauren Fletcher
  8. The Role of GVWR & GCWR in Spec'ing Work Trucks. Make sure the trucks you buy are designed for their intended purposes with properly specified GVWR and GCWR. By Bob Raybuck
  9. Chevrolet's New Medium-Duty Truck Trio. Launching the much anticipated Chevrolet Silverado 4500HD and 5500HD medium-duty models at The Work Truck Show 2018, the automaker surprised everyone with the additional launch of a 6500HD model as well. By Lauren Fletcher 
  10. Tips to Select the Right Engine & Transmission Combo. A truck’s engine and transmission are key components to ensuring the important — and expensive — “tool” can accomplish the job it needs to do. By Lauren Fletcher 
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