Larson Electronics' 28-watt low-profile LED light fixture is equipped with magnets for temporary mounting. The WAL-48-LED-M-25 work light provides 3,500 lumens of light in a 150 degree beam spread. It provides twice the lamp life, increased durability, and less energy consumption than a fluorescent work light. 

There is no ballast in this unit, which reduces the overall weight and creates a slimmer profile for the unit. The integrated LED assembly has a 50,000+ hour service life, which results in extreme efficiency and greatly reduced maintenance costs. 

The light features an impact- and shock-resistant polycarbonate T8 LED tube, sealed polycarbonate end caps, and corrosion-resistant aluminum hardware. An integrated heat sink allows for efficient head dissipation, preventing the LEDs from overheating and keeping the overall temperature of the work light relatively low.

The work light features two adjustable brackets, allowing the operator to adjust the fixture once mounted. It is equipped with two 100-pound grip magnets for magnetic mounting. 

Originally posted on Government Fleet