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LED Lighting

Optronics Expands LED Light Bar Lineup with More Sizes

Optronics International introduced five new LED Light Bars to its product lineup, adding two 3-inch cubes, a 9-inch bar, a 30-inch bar and a 52-inch bar.

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SSI Expands LED Module Offering

The new LED module offers two unique functions to increase equipment visibility to commuters and other equipment operators.

Flexible LED Strip Lights

Maxxima's flexible hybrid auxiliary stop-turn-tail backup LED strip lights are designed for trucks, trailers, buses and other vehicles.

Study Shows Lighting Key to Maintenance Shop Safety

The stakes are high and the payoffs big when it comes to worker safety, notably in reducing accidents, minimizing eyestrain, and increasing overall efficiency and productivity. Stertil-Koni says professional lighting is one of the keys to enhancing overall shop safety and performance.

Chevrolet Silverado No-Drill Mounting Plates

Larson Electronics now offers a variety of no-drill roof mounting plates for Chevrolet Trucks, including the Silverado and GMC Sierra.

High-Intensity LED Directional Light

Optronics has introduced the UCL41 low-profile, surface mount LED scene light that features a directional lens and optics, allowing it to be aimed where needed.

Rival and Ascend by A.R.E.

Rival by A.R.E. LED Lighting goes beyond factory installed options for A.R.E.’s truck caps and tonneau covers to offer exterior lighting that can be used virtually anywhere on the vehicle. Ascend Roof Baskets are also available to increase load capacity while maintaining a low profile and rugged look for today’s trucks.

LED Emergency Lights

Maxxima's ultra-thin Class 2 emergency/warning LED Lights are designed for commercial vehicle and industrial applications.

Vionic 5-by-7 Headlight

Maxxima's Vionic 5-by-7 inch Integrated Dual-Beam LED headlight is a rugged light designed for low- and high-beam illumination in commercial vehicles and industrial applications.

Flexible Strip Lighting

Maxxima’s Hybrid Auxiliary Combination Dual Color STT/ BU Flexible Strip lighting is available in 48- and 60-inch lengths.