Coretex has announced that McLeod users will soon be able to remotely control their refrigerated trailers from within LoadMaster operational screens.

Building on the popular one-way integration between McLeod’s LoadMaster and Coretex IBRIGHT, the new two-way interactive portal allows permissioned users to remotely manage a wide-range of refrigerated truck and trailer settings from within the LoadMaster interface.

Through the portal, LoadMaster users will have access to remotely:

  • Turn a reefer on or off
  • Clear alarms.
  • Change a compartment set point.
  • Change reefer status and mode.
  • Run or schedule a future pre-trip.
  • Initiate a defrost.
  • Execute other manufacturer-specific commands.

In addition, users can monitor a range of other vital information quickly and easily without leaving LoadMaster, including:

  • Trailer location information and latest trip information.
  • Real-time set point, supply, return, and ambient air temperatures, including multiple probe product temperatures.
  • Real-time engine and operating hours.
  • Real-time reefer manufacturer alarms.

The new capability to Coretex IBRIGHT customers will be available to license in the McLeod LoadMaster Version 15.2 release this fall.