The new features include reduced fuel consumption and reduced fleet fuel costs.  -  Photo: RouteSavvy/Canva

The new features include reduced fuel consumption and reduced fleet fuel costs.

Photo: RouteSavvy/Canva

OnTerra Systems, the developers of RouteSavvy automated route planning software, introduced enhanced versions of RouteSavvy routing software and the RouteSavvy mobile app.

RouteSavvy is cloud-based route planning software that generates more efficient routes for deliveries, pick-ups, service and sales calls. More efficient routes can be generated based on the shortest drive time, shortest distance (the least miles driven), routes that avoid highways, and routes that avoid toll roads. RouteSavvy benefits include:

•             Reduced fuel consumption & reduced fleet fuel costs.

•             Lower fleet maintenance expenses tied to mileage (oil changes, tire replacement, etc.).

•             Minimized overtime labor costs.

•             Increased revenues because more deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls can be shoe-horned into the work week.

Highlights of RouteSavvy’s New Features & Functions

RouteSavvy Online Enhancements — RouteSavvy Online (the desktop / laptop version that runs on internet browsers) features the following enhanced functions with:

•             Customizable notifications – Route planners can change the sender’s name, the subject line & email recipient so that, when drivers mark a stop as complete, customized email notifications can be sent back to the office, to dispatchers, or to customers.

•             Easy Route Builder improvements.

•             Drag-and-drop functionality enhancements.

RouteSavvy Mobile App Enhancements – The RouteSavvy Mobile App includes the following additions:

•             User interface updates.

•             Indexing of stops updates.

•             Ability to hide unwanted routes.

•             Ability to push software updates to mobile users – both for Android & Apple smartphones & tablets.

“This latest release of RouteSavvy route planning software and its mobile app further refine the RouteSavvy user experience, with a strong focus on streamlined delivery management & service management functions,” said Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems president. “Software development is a dynamic function, with the RouteSavvy development team continually working to refine and enhance functionality, ease of use, and more.”